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No. 32 17 January 2005


Faculty of Business won international accreditation
CityU's Faculty of Business (FB) has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International for its high quality, mission-driven teaching and research activities. The Faculty is among the first batch of business schools accredited after the AACSB revised its accreditation standards in 2003. To date, CityU is the third university in the Greater China area to have attained this prestigious benchmark.

The AACSB Peer Review Team commended the overall high quality of degree programmes, research excellence and strong commitment to continuous improvement shown by the Faculty and the University administration. Stringent criteria for teaching resources, quality assurance system, student learning experience and research output have to be met by its accreditation standards. AACSB accredited schools include, among others, London Business School, Harvard Business School, Sydney University Faculty of Business and Economics, and Keio University Business School.


Position on funding cuts
The University has stated its position in relation to the Government's proposed funding cuts for universities. The bulk of the cuts (over 70%) to CityU is due to the reduction in Associate Degree and taught postgraduate places. CityU anticipated these cuts and took proactive and preventive measures in 2003, thus the impact of these cuts has already been mitigated.

The Community College of City University was established in July 2004 and it opened many self-financed sub-degree programmes. The University has also opened more self-financed taught postgraduate programmes. In addition, CityU has been given 210 senior year undergraduate places annually in the new 2005-08 triennium.The University will continue to pay close attention to developments and take appropriate measures.


Appointment of Pro-Chancellor
The Chief Executive, in his capacity as Chancellor of City University of Hong Kong, has appointed Dr Noman Leung Nai-pang as pro-Chancellor of CityU with effect from 1 January 2005 for three years.


Council members re-appointed
The following external members of the University Council have been re-appointed with effect from 1 January 2005: The appointments of Mr Raymond Or, Treasurer, and Mr Edward Cheng, will end on 31 December 2007. The appointments of Mr Vincent Chow, Mr Karl Kwok, Mrs Stella Lau and Mr John Lee will end on 31 December 2006.


Donations for tsunami-affected children
CityU has joined hands with UNICEF to organize a fundraising campaign to provide education kits for tsunami-affected children in the Southern Asian region.

A total of HK$354,530 has been received from the University community during 6 to 14 January. Although donations through direct deposit to bank account, cheque and cash has ended, staff members can still make donations through a deduction from salary by completing a Salary Deduction Form and return it to the Finance Office on or before 7 February.


Professor Douglas Vogel, Professor (Chair) of Information Systems, received the AIS Fellow Award from The Association for Information Systems on 14 December 2004.

More kudos
Professor (Chair) Paul Chu
's two research degree students in the Department of Physics and Materials Science, Mr Peter C T Ha and Ms Joan Ho, were awarded the Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Fellowships in December 2004.

Supervised by Assistant Professor Dr J Wylie, students Chen Xiaojun, Qi Qi and Xu Zhou from the Department of Mathematics won second-class ranking in an annual national contest organized by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in 2004.


External appointments
Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President for Administration, was re-appointed Member of the Advisory Council on the Environment for the period 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2006.

Dr Priscilla Leung, Associate Dean and Associate Professor in the School of Law, has been appointed Visiting Professor of the School of Law, Renmin University of China.


Distinguished lecture
Neglected diseases: Worldwide problems of research, regulation and ethics" by Professor Philippe Kourilsky, 4:30pm, 19 January. This is the first of the "France -- Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series" co-organized by the French Academy of Sciences, Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and CityU.

Public forum
"After the tsunami in Aceh: Social priorities and disaster management", organized by the Southeast Asia Research Centre, will be held 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, 31 January, Multi-media Conference Room.


"Piled Rocks and Dredged Waters: Exhibition on the Art of Suzhou Gardens", organized by the Chinese Civilisation Centre, is being held 10am-7pm, 15 January to 6 March, at the CityU Gallery. There is a parallel exhibition showcasing books on "the Art of Chinese Gardens" in the lobby of the Run Run Shaw Library.


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