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No. 22 16 August 2004


Admission of mainland students
CityU has admitted a total of 64 fee-paying mainland students this year, of which 86% are mainland Band One students who are eligible for admission to top national level universities, and 14% are Band Two students who missed band one marks by just a few points but who have demonstrated exceptional talent and achievement in sports, music and other extra-curricular activities. Success in attracting top scoring students is due to increasing recognition of CityU's unique educational experience.

The 64 students, from Beijing, Chongqing, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang will undertake a Foundation Year Programme at CityU starting September, 2004. Upon completion of the Programme, coordinated and administered by the Education Development Office, the students will commence their regular programmes of study next September.

The first batch of 57 fee-paying mainland students admitted in 2003 have completed their one-year Foundation Programme at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and they will commence their first year of undergraduate study at CityU this September.


CCCU Building
The Executive Committee of the Council has decided to build the Community College of City University (CCCU) building on campus and the University has given up submitting a bid for a Tseng Kwan O site. The University will instead submit an application to bid for a government loan in late September to finance the construction of the new building, the exact location of which is to be determined later.

Student Orientation 2004
The University is preparing to welcome over 4,000 freshmen to CityU. A range of orientation and induction programmes have been organized by the Student Development Services (SDS), Computing Services Centre, the Library, and other units, to help the new students adapt to CityU life.

The University Welcoming Ceremony for all full-time and part-time students will take place at 9:30am, 24 August, in the Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall, followed by faculty/departmental orientation from 24-26 August. For details please visit: www.cityu.edu.hk/orientation. Semester A starts on 30 August.

The theme for this year's orientation programme is "Whole Person Achiever¡XYour Ambition". It was selected as the winning entry from the Outstanding Orientation Slogan Competition organized by the SDS. "Professional competence and academic excellence are no longer sufficient for university students to cope with the many challenges in modern society. I believe CityU's Whole Person Development philosophy can help nurture students' competence and develop their ambition to become great achievers," said Miss Liza Chow, winner of the Competition.


Beijing International Education Expo
With a view to promoting CityU's image and widening the public's understanding of the University's achievements in education and research, as well as admissions for mainland students, a delegation led by Dr Zhu Guobin, Director of External Liaison and Cooperation Office (ELCO), will participate in the Beijing International Education Expo 2004 scheduled for 24-26 August, 2004. In addition to ELCO, a number of offices including the School of Graduate Studies, Admissions Office and the Communications Office have helped in preparing relevant materials and information for the event. Hundreds of local, mainland and overseas universities will take part in the Expo, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors.


Technology transfer
In July, with the assistance of the Technology Transfer Office (which undertakes the administration and support of CityU's technology licensing activities), through CityU Research Limited, the University granted Basis Technology Corporation, US, a non-exclusive license to use, reproduce and create derivative works and manufacture products from the lexical database developed by the Language Information Sciences Research Centre under the directorship of Professor Benjamin T'sou, and to integrate the database to create products distributed by Basis.


Senior staff appointment
Mr Joseph Chan
has been appointed Director of Student Development Services from 1 August 2004.


External appointment
Professor (Chair) Stephen Cheung
in the Department of Economics and Finance has been appointed Adjunct Professor at Korea University.


Dr Zhen Wang, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics has been awarded an Outstanding Paper Prize by the Society for Industrial Applied Mathematics for his paper "Convergence of Viscosity Solutions for Isothermal Gas Dynamics", in collaboration with Dr Feimin Huang of Academia Sinica, Beijing.


20th Anniversary events
"Public Lectures by CityU Academicians on the Mainland¡XDevelopments of Disruptive Photonics Technology by Professor P S Chung", 1 September, Kunming University of Science and Technology. Professor Chung is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK).

"The 3rd Build and Shake Inter-school Competition (BASIC 2004)", 8:30 am-4:30 pm, 4 September, Purple Zone, 4/F Academic Building and Heavy Structures Testing Laboratory. Enquiries: 2788 9059.

"The Learned Terra Cotta¡Xa Solo Exhibition by Solan", 10 am-7 pm, 6 September to 17 October, CityU Gallery and University Circle. Enquiries: 3442 6493.


"The First APIRA International Conference Information Statistics of the Internet: Measurement, Analysis and Application", 20 August, LT4, Academic Building, CityU. Enquiries: 2788 7186.


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