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Bulletin-An internal news digest for staff and students

No. 216 7 October 2014
Published on the first Tuesday of every month.


CityU 30th Anniversary Banquet
The Banquet, one of the signature events celebrating the University's 30th Anniversary, will feature a networking cocktail reception, the official launch of the CityU Foundation, and various performances. It also will serve as a platform for the University to connect all its benefactors, friends and stakeholders, and to solicit donations to help boost the University’s development. It will take place on 1 November at the Convention Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai.


Information Day 2014
A series of activities including admissions talks, exhibitions, facility tours, student performances and experience sharing have been organised this year for the CityU Information Day on 11 October under the theme of “Professional • Creative For The World”. For details, please visit here.


Sustainability Summit
The Sustainability Summit, one of the signature events designed to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of CityU, will bring together international and CityU academics, policy experts and government, business and NGO leaders from 22 to 23 October to discuss the sustainability challenges faced by Hong Kong and the East Asia region. Under the overarching theme “Sustainable Policy-making”, the discussion will adopt a policy orientation involving better and more sustainable policy-making and implementation decisions, anchored in a specific context (Hong Kong and East Asia). It will draw upon multiple disciplines, including the arts and humanities, business and social sciences, and science and engineering. For details and registration, please go here.


President’s Lecture Series
Recent developments in automated single cell manipulation tools utilising robotically controlled optical tweezers will be the subject of the next talk in the President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia. The topic covers how robot-aided single cell manipulation opens up a new avenue for probing cell functional mechanisms as well as developing new targeted therapy for human diseases. The speaker will be Professor Sun Dong, Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Head of Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, and will take place on 20 October.


Big data forum
Big data is becoming more prominent in a world with surging data. The advancement in multimedia, social media and the Internet of Things will induce further growth in data for the foreseeable future. Therefore, leaders in different sectors will have to grasp the implications of big data. In keeping with our rapidly developing know-how in various related areas related to big data, and as part of the CityU’s 30th Anniversary celebrations, the College of Science and Engineering is organising the “Big Data Forum: Development, Analysis and Utilization” on 13 October 2014, followed by a poster exhibition and a roundtable discussion on 14 October. The two-day event aims to serve as a platform to allow several academicians and other experts and researchers to share insights and practices, as well as to discuss new initiatives and research potential in the field.


City University Distinguished Lecture
The three speakers participating in the next City University Distinguished Lecture will discuss “The Multi-cultural World and Future of Chinese Culture”. The speakers will be Professor Yuan Ming, Professor of the School of International Studies and the Director of the Center for American Studies at Peking University; Professor Wang Anyi, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association and Professor of Fudan University; and Professor Zhang Qicheng, Dean of the School of Chinese Classic at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The talk will take place on 9 October.


Local vets’ programme
New fracture fixation techniques are a focal point of a series of lectures and workshops culminating on 7 October. The lectures and workshops, part of CityU’s continuing education programme for local professionals, are hosted by Dr Kei Hayashi, Associate Professor of Surgery at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University. Dr Hayashi has published more than 100 journal articles in areas such as ligament and tendon injury, wound healing, total joint replacement systems, molecular profiling of osteoarthritis, and the development of medicine.


A CityU internalisation project called “ENTHUSIA” is calling for students to propose large-scale games and competitions events for all CityU staff and students to participate in starting in February 2015. With the aim of promoting internalisation in local universities, the project was initiated by a group of international and exchange students in CityU and has obtained funding from the University Grants Committee. Details of the project and proposal form are available at the Facebook page.


Professor Istvan T. Horvath, Head of the Department of Biology and Chemistry, has been named as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for 2014, acknowledgement for his contributions to green chemistry, in particular homogeneous catalysis, green solvents, and in situ spectroscopy.

Cao Ying, a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science (CS), was the First Runner-up in the Graduate Student Research Paper Competition 2013-2014 organised by the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter. His research paper “Look Over Here: Attention-Directing Composition of Manga Elements” was supervised by Dr Rynson Lau Wing-hung, Associate Professor in CS, and Dr Antoni Chan, Assistant Professor in CS.

Dr Meng Weizhi, a 2013 PhD graduate in CS, received the HKIE Outstanding Paper Award for Young Engineers/Researchers 2014 for his paper titled “Enhancing the Performance of Signature-based Network Intrusion Detection Systems: An Engineering Approach,” under the supervision of Dr Kwok Lam-for, Associate Professor in CS.  The paper will be published in the special issue of HKIE Transactions in December 2014.

Mr Tsui To, a 2014 graduate of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, won the Merit Award  for his project titled “Regression Maple: Regression Coverage of Concurrency Testing for Validation of Bug-Fixed Multithreaded Programs” in the 11th Final Year Project Competition, organised by the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter. Supervised by Dr Ricky Chan Wing-kwong, Assistant Professor in CS, Mr Tsui formulated a novel and practical framework to dynamically check whether a concurrency bug discovered in one version of a muddleheaded programme may not be completely fixed in another version of the same programme.


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