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Bulletin-An internal news digest for staff and students

No. 212 4 June 2014
Published on the first Tuesday of every month.


Honorary doctoral degrees
Professor David D. Ho, Mr Raymond Or Ching-fai, SBS, JP and Mr Yu Kwok-chun, GBS, SBS, JP, will receive honorary doctoral degrees from CityU in recognition of their significant contributions to education and the well-being of society.

Professor Ho, the founding Scientific Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, and the Irene Diamond Professor at The Rockefeller University, will receive an Honorary Doctor of Science.

Mr Or, Chairman and Chief Executive of China Strategic Holdings Limited, will receive an Honorary Doctor of Social Science.

Mr Yu, Chairman of the Yue Hwa Group and Chairman and Managing Director of Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited, will receive an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration.

The award ceremony will be held in November 2014 during the University’s Congregation.


New and renamed departments
The Senate approved the retitling of two departments and restructuring of a department at its 84th and 85th meetings. The Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering will be retitled as the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and the Department of Applied Social Studies as the Department of Applied Social Sciences with its current Chinese title remaining unchanged.

In addition, the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics will be restructured. It will be renamed as the Department of Linguistics and Translation, while a new academic unit under the name of the Department of Chinese and History will be formed. All changes will take effect on 1 July.


Water policy symposium
The Department of Public Policy will host an international symposium titled “Hong Kong Water Governance” that brings together an international array of water policy experts from key regions around the world that have faced water shortage challenges. The regions represented by the academics include Singapore and the Mekong, Australia, California/Arizona, Europe and China. The event takes place on 13 June.


Professor Jeffrey Shaw has been re-appointed as the Dean of School of Creative Media (SCM). A leading figure in new media art, Professor Shaw has provided academic leadership and worked with his colleagues to bring the School to new heights.


Questioning 'value': exhibition
An exhibition titled “Market Forces: Erasure: From Conceptualism to Abstraction” questions “value” as assigned or measured by the global art markets, and critically engages the increasingly pervasive conflation of aesthetic value with market price. This phenomenon has been exacerbated by the booming contemporary market’s general tendency to favour particular media, styles and “brands”.  The event is co-presented by CityU and Osage Art Foundation as part of CityU’s 30th anniversary celebratory events, and takes place from 16 May to 15 July.


Chinese paintings illustrating Hong Kong
In keeping with the University’s interest in promoting cultural heritage and art appreciation, the Chinese Civilisation Centre is showcasing the works of five well-known artists in Hong Kong: Mr Wucius Wong, Mr Wang Qiutong, Mr Wong Hau-kwei, Mr Shen Ping and Mr Hung Hoi. The title of the exhibition is “Scenery in Hong Kong. Love in Hong Kong”. An opening ceremony will be officiated by Ms Maria Mok Kar-wing, Curator of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Professor Cheng Pei-kai, Visiting Professor of the Chinese Civilisation Centre, and all the artists, on 6 June. The exhibition will be held from 7 June to 20 July at the Singing Waves Gallery.


Jacky Lai Chun-tak, a Year 2 student from the Department of Electronic Engineering, won first prize in the tertiary institution category of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition for his designs for a new energy-saving ventilation and air-conditioning system. The competition encourages students to use technology to solve environmental issues and create a greener Hong Kong.


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