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No. 20 19 July 2004


Deep collaboration
In an EBS message to all staff and students on 12 July, Professor H K Chang, University President, reported the latest developments with regard to inter-institutional collaboration.

On 24 May, the CityU-PolyU Joint Working Group on Deep Collaboration decided to submit a proposal for collaboration on campus development and facilities management to the University Grants Committee (UGC) on 12 June in the first round application for UGC's Restructuring and Collaboration Fund.

The Management Board at its meeting on 9 July unanimously supported the recommendation of the Group that a comprehensive feasibility study on a bona fide deep collaboration with PolyU be conducted within the University. The report will be submitted to the Council's Strategic Development Committee for consideration. The University will adopt an open and transparent approach for the study. Ideas will be solicited from Faculty Deans, Department Heads and Programme Leaders, and from staff and students through University-wide consultations.

Parallel to the feasibility study proposed by the group and endorsed by the Management Board, the Council Chairman also proposed, at the recent Council meeting, a study on the three-to-four-year undergraduate curriculum could be conducted with PolyU as a possible partner.


New administrative notes
In July, the Human Resources Office (HRO) issued a number of Administrative Notes, including:

  • Housing benefits to staff appointed on or after 1 July 2004 X When no vacant University accommodation is available, a non-accountable monthly cash allowance (rates revised on 1 July 2004) will be given depending on staff grade.

  • Ex-gratia payment for redundancy X The formula for ex-gratia payment for redundancy cases from 1 July 2004 to 30 June 2006 has been revised as: E = Y/2 x M, subject to a maximum of 12M.

    (E = ex-gratia payment; Y = number of years of prior continuous service at the University;
    M = last substantive monthly salary at the effective date of leaving service.)

  • New salary scales and pay raise system X The new salary scales with reduced starting and maximum salaries will be applicable to new staff appointed on or after 1 July 2004; serving staff will remain on the existing salary scales of their respective grades. The new pay raise system shall be applicable to serving and new staff.

All Administrative Notes are placed under the HRO Homepage: www.cityu.edu.hk/hro/.

20th Anniversary updates
In view that Professor Matthew Chen is retiring from the University soon, the President has appointed Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Administration), to replace Professor Chen to serve as Chairman of the Working Group on Sports/Cultural/Social Service/Promotional Activities. The Working Group will organize a closing event to be a festive highlight of the 20th Anniversary celebration activities, tentatively scheduled for 20 December.

Congratulatory messages from guests and friends of the University can be found on the 20th Anniversary website: www.cityu.edu.hk/20years/.

On 24 July, an Interschool Basketball Invitation Tournament will be held, 9am to 8pm, in the University's Sports Complex.


Campus map revamped
Through the joint efforts of the Facilities Management Office, Campus Planning Office and Enterprise Solutions Unit, the online Campus Map, accessible from the University Homepage (www.cityu.edu.hk), has been revamped into a unified, up-to-date and interactive campus direction enquiry application. Maps and searchable information on selected facilities and buildings are provided in full. Departments can refer to the new Campus Map to help guide visitors to and around our campus for conferences, seminars and other activities conducted at CityU.


The "Fifth Media" team comprising three CityU students, namely, Mr Geng Chunya (Department of Physics and Materials Science), Miss Xiao Hui (Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology), and Miss Zhou Wenqun (Department of Economics and Finance), and three members from other local universities won 2nd Runner-up in the YDC E-Challenge 2004 business plan competition. The winning project "VIPZONE" is a solution for merchants to provide VIP service to targeted customers with the latest wireless technology.

Miss Joy Lam, an MPhil student in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management, was ranked among the top three finalists in a writing contest organized by the Greater China CRM Research Institute in China, mid-June. The contest aims to promote the concept of customer relationship management (CRM) among MBA/EMBA or research students in China.

External appointment
Mr C Raj Kumar
, Lecturer in the School of Law and Deputy Director of the WTO Law and Dispute Resolution Centre, has been appointed as an Honorary Consultant by the National Human Rights Commission, India.

Cambodia exploratory tour
Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has filmed a group of CityU students in the Department of Applied Social Studies taking part in a Cambodia exploratory tour of the Cross-cultural Internship Programme in June, to be broadcasted in a TV series, "My Way " on 8:05pm, 31 July, TVB Jade.


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