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No. 18 21 June 2004


Mainland policies and self-financing activities
In order to prepare for CityU's expanding mainland activities and self-financing programmes, the University will establish a steering committee on mainland policies and a steering committee on self-financing activities to be chaired by the President H K Chang and Professor David Tong, Deputy President, respectively. The two committees will look at the University's activities and policies in these two areas over next couple of years.


Collaborative arrangements with mainland universities
CityU's joint research and taught programme initiatives on the mainland have brought encouraging results. The University has successfully won respect and developed a positive image on the mainland. Following the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 13 June with the University of Science and Technology of China to establish a high-level, joint research centre in Suzhou, the following collaborative arrangements have been made, or are in the making:

  • The School of Law has a longstanding Agreement with Renmin University's School of Law jointly running an LLM programme.

  • The Department of Building and Construction has launched the MSc Construction Management programme in collaboration with the Beijing Normal University, and signed an agreement with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University to launch a Master's degree programme in Building Engineering.

  • The Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management has signed an agreement with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University to launch an engineering management programme.

  • The Language Information Sciences Research Centre will sign an agreement with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences for a new edition of the Language Atlas of China.

  • The School of Creative Media is entering into a "trilateral agreement" with the Beijing Film Academy and the School of Cinema-Television of the University of Southern California, for promoting academic exchanges and deep collaboration.

  • The Faculty of Business will operate a Senior Executive Training Project in collaboration with Beijing Capital International Airport Co Ltd.

CCCU Board of Management Membership
The Community College of City University (CCCU) Board of Management will be chaired by a lay member of Council, Mr Vincent Chow, with Professor David Tong, Deputy President, as the Vice-Chairman. Members of the Board comprise: two external Council members Mr Jack Lee and Ms Marina Wong; Mr Gabriel Chan, Director of Finance; and Mr John Dockerill, Provisional Provost of the College.

Before the CCCU acquires independent accommodations, a significant portion of the Associate Degree programmes it offers will be conducted on campus. There will be substantial sharing of campus facilities and services with CCCU staff and students. Cross membership of the Deputy President and the Director of Finance in both the Management Board and the CCCU Board of Management will help to maintain an active, high-level link between the University and the CCCU.


New establishment of Communications Office
With effect from 1 July 2004, the University will establish a Communications Office (COMO) to beef up communications efforts. COMO will incorporate the existing Public Affairs Office (PAO) and the University Publications Office (PUO) to bring a new level of integration and synergy to the University's external public relations and internal communications. A key objective of COMO is to help the University meet new challenges by building trust and understanding among both the University community and the public. The search for a Director of Communications is in progress. Mrs Betty Chan, Director of PAO, serves as Acting Director of Communications during the interim period.


Conversion of space
To meet the growing demand for classrooms, especially for evening classes, in the coming academic year, the University has started converting the reading area of the Library, (located on 3/F, Cheng Yick-chi Building), to four 60-seat classrooms.

Plans also have been made to convert the two blocks of the To Yuen Building into office space, to prepare for relocating offices in the Festival Walk Office Tower back to the campus. The University will save money by relinquishing the Festival Walk leases. Taught postgraduate students previously residing in the To Yuen Building have moved into the Cornwall Street student hostels, while staff residing in the staff quarters will move to staff quarters eslewhere. The emptying of the staff quarters is expected to finish early next year, followed by minor renovations such as installation of fire fighting equipment and removal of toilets and kitchens. The conversion project is expected to complete in late autumn next year.


External appointment
Professor (Chair) Stephen Cheung Yan-leung
, Department of Economics and Finance, has been appointed by the HKSAR Chief Executive as a member of the Statistics Advisory Board from 1 June 2004 to 1 June 2006.


Appointed as Honorary Professors of Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, Shaanxi, China: Professor (Chair) Czeslaw Rudowicz, Department of Physics and Materials Science; and Dr Elisabeth Rudowicz, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies.


More Kudos
Kenji Yum Tsz-yin, Bachelor of Engineering graduate and currently PhD student of the Electronic Engineering Department, won first prize in the 2004 IEEE International Microwave Symposium Student Paper Competition held in the US earlier this month. Kenji also received the Fellowship Award from the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.

"The Splashing Richness of Ink and Brushes", organized by CCIV, 1 JulyˇV29 August, CityU Gallery.


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