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No. 156 16 Mar 2010
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New Office
As part of the transition to the four-year degree, the Education Development Office and general education (currently the responsibility of the Provost) will be amalgamated to set up a new Office of Education Development and General Education with effect from 1 April. Chair Professor David Randall will be the Director and report directly to the Provost.


Natural Science Award
Professor Henry Chung Shu-hung, Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, was awarded the First Class Prize in the Natural Science Award by the State Ministry of Education for his research project, Ant Colony System for Optimisation of Power Electronics Circuits, which was done in collaboration with Professor Zhang Jun, Associate Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University.

Transport law
CityU School of Law will hold the inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law on 18 March. Aimed at nurturing maritime and transportation legal professionals, the centre supports Hong Kong's continued development as a maritime service centre. In-depth comparative research will be conducted in related fields that meet the critical requirements of scholars, industry, and the practicing bar.


Architectural book award
Dr Charlie Xue Qiuli, Assistant Professor of the Division of Building Science and Technology, was awarded a Second Prize of Excellent Academic Books by the East China University Press Association for his widely-cited book, The Global Impact: Overseas Architectural Design in China. The award follows scrutiny from a jury of publishing association members comprising academicians, researchers and university professors.


Calligraphy Exhibition
The Chinese Civilisation Centre is hosting the "Arts of the Chinese Brush: Exhibition of Calligraphy by Invited Artists" at the CityU Gallery from 12 March to 25 April.  Masterpieces from Mr Fong Chi-yung, Mr Ng Ko-shek, Mr Chan Mong-biu, Mr Hui Shuet-ming are being displayed. Officiating guests at the opening ceremony included: Professor Chen Yongzheng, Vice-chairman, China Calligraphers Association; Professor Zhang Guiguang, Broad Director, China Calligraphers Association; Professor Zhang Huaqing, Chairman, Chinese Association of Hardpen Calligraphy; Mr Chan Mong-biu, Chairman, Hong Kong Calligraphers Association; and Professor Cheng Pei-kai, Director, Chinese Civilisation Centre, CityU.


Boredom pays off
Ten School of Creative Media students formed a team called "So Boring" to take part in Taiwan's 5th Golden Sugarcane Film Festival this year, and took home the Kio-A-Thau Cultural Award and Li Tak-wai, Year 3 student, won the Best Actress Award. The judging panel appraised the award-winning short film for its success in highlighting the difference between old and new values.


Sporting success
CityU enjoyed success in the inter-collegiate sports competitions, winning the men's rugby event. Both the men's and women's teams in the fencing, taekwondo and woodball finished second in their respective categories.


Chik Wai-on, Year 2 student of the School of Law, and Zhou Shuli, foundation year student of the College of Business, were awarded the Outstanding Prize in the AIA Quest for the Champion Communicator Contest, Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macau (PRD round) 2010. This is a language competition that highlights the importance of English, Cantonese and Putonghua skills.


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