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No. 155 2 Mar 2010
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IEEE Fellow
Professor Li Ping from the Department of Electronic Engineering was elected as a Fellow of the IEEE for his outstanding contributions in the area of iterative signal processing, multi-user detection and concatenated error control codes. The IEEE, or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of electronics technology, and comprises elite experts from around the world.

Distinguished Lecture
Dr Allen Lee Peng-fei will be the speaker at the City University Distinguished Lecture entitled "Hong Kong Political Development," to be held on 3 March. Dr Lee is Chairman of Pacific Dimensions Consultants and Jada Electronics, a public affairs commentator and television host. He was Deputy Council Chairman of CityU and is now a member of the Court of CityU.


Chinese culture lecture
Renowned writer Professor Pai Hsien-yung is hosting a Distinguished Scholar Lecture, entitled "Chinese Cultural Renaissance: The new aesthetics of Kunqu opera – from The Peony Pavilion (Youth Version) to New Jade Hairpin" on 2 March. Professor Pai has been promoting Kunqu Opera, Intangible Cultural Heritage listed by UNESCO, in recent years. He created the play The Peony Pavilion (Youth Version), which was well received locally and overseas and has recently created a new production of Jade Hairpin, which conveys a concept of "New Aesthetics on Kunqu Opera".


Law workshop
The School of Law is organising a workshop entitled "Business, Human Rights and Access to Justice in China" on 5-6 March. It aims to foster a better understanding of the nature and scope of legal remedies to the victims of corporate human rights abuses in mainland China. It also hopes to come up with recommendations to overcome the obstacles that victims face in securing justice against companies for breaches of human and labour rights. The workshop will take place at the Video Seminar Room (G5353) at CityU.


Museum exhibit
The Hong Kong Science Museum will host an exhibition on "Transgenic Fish for Rapid Monitoring of Estrogenic Pollution" featuring a transgenic medaka fish strain developed by CityU that can efficiently detect estrogen disrupters in the environment. An opening ceremony will be held on 5 March which will be officiated by Professor Chan Chi-hou, Acting Provost of CityU, Mr Leung Shiu-keung, Principal Education Officer of the Education Bureau and Advisor to the Hong Kong Science Museum, Dr Cheng Shuk Han, Associate Head of the Department of Biology and Chemistry of CityU who leads the research project, and Mr Michael Wong Hing-lan, Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Science Museum. The exhibition will run from 5 March to 11 July at the Science News Corner.


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