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No. 147 3 Nov 2009
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The 2009 Congregation will be held from 10–19 November in Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall, with more than 9,000 awards, ranging from PhDs to associate degrees, to be conferred on CityU students. The ceremony for the honorary doctoral degrees will take place on 10 November. Five distinguished persons will receive the honorary doctoral degrees this year, including Dr Simon Ip Sik-on, solicitor and Notary Public; Professor Justin Lin Yifu, The World Bank’s Chief Economist and Senior Vice President; Professor Susumu Tonegawa, Japanese scientist and Nobel Prize winner; Professor Wong Chi-huey, President of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan; and Professor Zhang Jie, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in recognition of their significant contributions to education and the well-being of society.


Academician conference 
The academician conference “Energy & Environment: Crisis, Opportunities and Challenges” is to be held from 5 to 6 November. Distinguished academicians from around the world will examine the root causes leading to energy and environmental crises confronting the world. The conference will look at the emerging opportunities and ways to balance the conflicting demands of environmental protection and energy production. It is part of the CityU 25th anniversary world academician conference series, “Science for the Future: A World-class Summit”.


Distinguished chemistry lecture
As part of CityU’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Professor Wong Chi-Huey, President, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, will deliver a lecture on 11 November entitled “Post-translational Glycosylation: Challenges and Opportunities.” Professor Wong is a world-renowned chemist with research interests in the areas of bioorganic and synthetic chemistry and biocatalysis. His pioneering work on programmable chemical and enzymatic synthesis of complex carbohydrates has provided a powerful platform for tackling important problems in the immune system, bacterial and viral infections, and cancer metastasis.


Public accountability 
A discussion and series of presentations as part of the Public Policy Roundtable Series will take place on 14 November in the Multi-media Conference Room, entitled “Refining the Principal Officials Accountability System”. The series is organised by the Governance in Asia Research Centre of CityU and SynergyNet.


Sport results
The CityU Sports Teams performed well in various inter-collegiate competitions, winning the men’s volleyball and table tennis in the Jackie Chan Challenge Cup. The men’s soccer and women’s volleyball and table tennis all finished runner-up. In the USFHK Annual Aquatic Meet,organised by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China, CityU finished third overall and runner-up in the women’s division.


Book sale 
The CityU Press Special Book Sale is being held at the CityU Bookshop. CityU Press publications are now on sale until 30 November. All the titles are being sold at discount prices as low as $20.  More details available at www.cityu.edu.hk/upress .


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