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No. 146 20 Oct 2009
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Academician conference
The academician conference “Where is Science Going in the 21st Century?” is to be held from 22 to 23 October. Distinguished speakers, including Nobel Laureates Professor Albert Fert, Professor Robert H Grubbs and Professor K Barry Sharpless, will look at the impact of science on society and discuss future directions of scientific advancement, the role of education policy in propelling scientific discoveries, and the relationship between science and society at large. The conference is part of the CityU 25th anniversary world academician conference series, “Science for the Future: A World-class Summit”.


France-Hong Kong distinguished lecture
The next France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture will take place on 21 October at 11am in the Multi-media Conference Room. The speaker is Professor Albert Fert, the 2007 Nobel Laureate in Physics, who will discuss “Spintronics: Electrons, Spins, Computers and Telephones”. Spintronics is a new field of research that exploits the influence of the electron spin on electronic transport.


International Advisory Board
The College of Business will hold an inauguration ceremony of its College International Advisory Board on 22 October. The board provides advice to the College Dean on matters pertinent to the development of the College as a globally-oriented business school. The college has invited world-renowned economists and entrepreneurs to join as board members.


Constitutional law conference 
The School of Law of CityU, in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, and the Faculty of Law, University of Macau, will hold an International Conference on “Exclusion from Constitutional Law” on 28 to 29 October at CityU. Leading constitutional law and comparative law scholars from Europe, Africa, India, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Japan and Australia will discuss various attempts in different jurisdictions to exclude the protection of constitutional law and ways to address these challenges in both theory and practice.


Anniversary concert
A highlight of CityU’s silver jubilee celebrations is the Anniversary Concert to be held on 31 October. This special outdoor concert on campus, under the theme “Heaven, Earth and Man”, is intended to convey a message of harmonious co-existence between the cosmos, the earth and human beings through Chinese and western music and songs. Performers include CityU Philharmonic Orchestra, CityU Chinese Orchestra, CityU Choir and CityU Staff Association Singing Group.


City Cultural Salon
The latest City Cultural Salon was held on 19 October. Mr Szeto Yuen-kit, Curator (Xubaizhai) of Hong Kong Museum of Art, was invited to speak on the topic, “The Pride of China: Ancient Paintings and Modern Curator”. More than 20 guests from academic and cultural circles attended the seminar, including Professor Chung Ling, Dean of Faculty of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, Ms Lesley Lau Fung-ha, Curator (Art) of Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and Mr Chiu Peng-sheng, Associate Research Fellow of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.


Vietnamese workshop
The Southeast Asia Research Centre hosted an international workshop titled "Refugee Politics and the Chinese / Vietnamese Diaspora (30 Years after the 'Vietnamese boatpeople' in Hong Kong)" from
16-17 October. The workshop gathered overseas and local scholars and experts to examine the histories of Vietnamese refugees and boatpeople, Vietnamese experiences in boatpeople camps and their settlement in Hong Kong.


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