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No. 137 2 June 2009
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Academician conference 
The academician conference “Frontiers in Bioscience: Learning and Memory” is to be held on 16 June. It promises to offer new insights into understanding human memory and learning and disorders such as depression, schizophrenia and learning disabilities. Distinguished speakers, including Nobel Laureate Professor Susumu Tonegawa of MIT, will discuss their latest endeavours in unravelling the secrets of how the brain learns and remembers, as well as related functions such as perception, attention and consciousness. The conference is part of the CityU 25th anniversary world academician conference series, “Science for the Future: A World-class Summit”.


New appointment 
Professor Kim Jeong-Bon has been appointed Chair Professor of Accountancy and concurrently as Head of Department of Accountancy. Professor Kim assumed duty on 1 June. Professor Kim received his PhD from the Temple University, US. He was serving as Professor of Accountancy and the Canada Research Chair in Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Canada. Prior to that, Professor Kim had worked for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for more than 12 years.


External appointment 
Dr John Tse Wing-ling, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Social Studies, was recently appointed a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission for two years, with effect from 20 May. Dr Tse has a fine track record of public service assisting minority ethnic groups and the disabled. 


Student leadership 
The Student Leadership Conference 2009 is being held at CityU from 1 to 6 June. The theme of the conference is “University Education and Employability” and more than 100 university students from mainland China, Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia and Hong Kong are attending the leadership and training forum.


Conflicting issues 
The International Conference on Social Work and Counselling Practice is being held at CityU from 2 to 5 June. Organised by the Department of Applied Social Studies, the conference will include four keynote speakers from the US addressing issues relating to counselling, social work and criminality in violent and undeveloped areas and war zones.


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