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No. 132 17 Mar 2009
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Strategic Planning
CityU is fully engaged in the consultation and preparation processes for the Strategic Plan 2009-2014 to be completed by September 2009. This is a crucial aspect of planning and developing to position CityU as a global university for the 21st Century. To promote consultation across the university community, the Office of the Provost is organising five buzz group meetings starting from 16 March to allow academic faculty and students to engage in a multi-disciplinary consultation platform and give comments and ideas for incorporation into the planning process.


College review
Four distinguished experts will visit the College of Science and Engineering on 19-20 March to provide expert advice on its strategic direction. The review panel will submit a written report to CityU, providing recommendations on the college's strategic direction over the next five years after reviewing the strengths of the college and potential areas for improvement.


New university research centre
The CityU International Centre of Excellence in Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), the sixth university research centre, was recently established to address the growing interest in prognostics and health management implementation on the part of a large number of companies in mainland China, particularly electronics companies in the greater Guangdong area. Led by Professor Michael Pecht, a visiting professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, the centre will first focus on advancing system-level PHM hybrid (pattern recognition and physics of failure) algorithms, and implementing PHM methods for the Chinese electronics industries. Sensor technologies with embedded PHM algorithms will also be developed.


Ancient maps, Korean classics
Twenty-five ancient maps and reprints dated from the 16th to 19th century and two collections of Korean classics written in Chinese will be exhibited at the Run Run Shaw Library from 20-30 March. Distinguished scholars from mainland China and the US will speak at two seminars on 20 March to illustrate Chinese and Korean history and culture through ancient maps and Korean classics.


Korea Week
The Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics will hold "Korea Week 2009" from 17-20 March. Staff and students will learn more about Korean culture through guest seminars, traditional performances, Korean cinema and exhibitions. A traditional Korean wedding ceremony performance on March 20 will be the climax of the programme. 


Safety awards
Department of Building and Construction (BC) graduate Kirby Leang Sze-ting received the Occupational Safety and Health Council Best Project Award for the academic year 2007-08 for his project "Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Mandatory Basic Safety Training Course (Green Card Course) in Hong Kong Construction Industry". Year 3 students Lo Ting-fung and Yip Wing-kit from the same department received the Occupational Safety and Health Student Research Scholarship for the academic year 2008-09. The titles of their projects were "Safety Assessment in Demolition Works for High-rise Buildings in Hong Kong" and "Safety and Risk Control in Heavy Plant at Hong Kong Civil Engineering and Building Projects" respectively. The three students were supervised by Dr Ivan Fung Wing-hong, BC Lecturer.


CityU will present more than 500 scholarships worth HK$11 million to outstanding students courtesy of funds donated by professional bodies, charitable trust funds, private firms and the CityU Staff Giving Club on 19 March.


Sports achievements
CityU's Athletics Team successfully defended its Grand Slam title in the inter-collegiate athletics meet organised by the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China. CityU athletes won the titles for Overall Event Champion, Men's Overall Champion, Women's Overall Champion and the Most Valuable Male and Female Athletes.


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