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No. 128 20 Jan 2009


Mainland judges inauguration
The School of Law (SLW) is scheduled to hold the Inauguration of the Master of Laws (LLM) Programme for Chinese Judges on 22 January. The programme is a tripartite arrangement between the National Judges College of the Supreme People’s Court of China, the School of Law of Columbia University and CityU. Officiating guests will be Justice Wan Exiang, Vice-President of the Supreme People’s Court; Professor Brian Gibson, Dean of International and Comparative Programmes, School of Law of Columbia University; Dr Simon Ip, Vice Chairman of Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited; Professor Way Kuo, President, and Professor Wang Guiguo, Dean of SLW.

College of Business review
A panel of distinguished experts visited CityU on 19–20 January to provide expert advice on the strategic development of College of Business. The committee includes two distinguished academics from US universities and chairman of a local enterprise. The visit is aimed at enhancing the quality of the College’s academic programmes and focusing its research agenda, in order to achieve global leadership and local pre-eminence.


Collaborative Research Fund
Three research projects led by CityU have been endorsed by Research Grants Council Collaborative Research Fund 2008/09 under University Grants Committee, worth a total value of HK$16.2 million. CityU is granted the highest amount of funding among local universities this year, and CityU’s rate of successful proposals is one of the highest. The three projects, titled respectively Algal Toxins: Development of Analytical and Bioassay Detection Methods and Assessment of Environmental Transfer in Marine Food Webs, Study and Engineering of Surface-dependent Properties and Core-shell Composite Structures of Nanomaterials, and Studies of Fundamental Properties of Nanosurfaces and Selected Applications, will be led by CityU and incorporated with other local universities.


Natural science award
Chair Professor Chen Guanrong from the Department of Electronic Engineering, is one of the recipients of the State Natural Science Award (SNSA) second-class award. It is noted that there was no first-class award given this year. SNSA is China’s most prestigious award in the field of natural science, which aims to recognise academic excellence in basic and applied research in natural science. It was granted to Professor Chen for his outstanding work on a project entitled “Chaos Anti-control and Generalised Lorenz Systems Family — Theory and Applications”. The project represents efforts in the frontier zone of interdisciplinary scientific research on chaos theory, control systems and mathematical sciences.

Computing accolade
Chair Professor Deng Xiaotie from the Department of Computer Science has been selected as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, for his contributions to the interface of algorithmic methodology and game theory. Among the 44 fellowships named, Professor Deng is the only academician from an Asian university.

Hong Kong Law Fair
The School of Law will participate as one of the exhibitors in the upcoming Hong Kong Law Fair 2009. The exhibition will be held from noon to 4 pm on 7 February at Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. Other exhibitors include international and major Hong Kong law firms, the Hong Kong Bar Association and Department of Justice of HKSAR Government.

Putonghua Salon
The Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics (CTL) has launched the Putonghua Salon to provide external classes for students to enhance their Putonghua proficiency. The salon, featuring discussions on various themes, will be held on every Friday afternoon in the current Semester B. All students, both native and non-native Chinese speakers, are welcome. Details of the salon can be found at: http://www3.ctl.cityu.edu.hk/pthsalon/index.html.

Dr Tang Yongbing, Research Fellow at the Department of Physics and Materials Science was awarded the first Ke Ting Sui Research Fellowship for his outstanding performances in the area of materials sciences. The award is established by Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr Tang received an initiative funding of RMB500,000 for applied research.


New Year staff party
Kung Hei Fat Choy! To embrace a new lunar year and to bring colleagues together to celebrate, the Human Resources Office of CityU is hosting the Year of the Ox Chinese New Year Staff Party on 3 February. There will be a buffet lunch plus a lion dance, a lucky draw, music, Chinese handicrafts stalls and a distribution of red packets. Good health, joy and prosperity to all!


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