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No. 118 19 August 2008


Expert advice
In response to the strategic plan outlined by the University President, Professor Way Kuo, the University invited top experts from some of the world's most renowned universities to provide advice on establishing energy and environment related academic programmes. Initiating the development of these programmes is the Committee on Establishing Energy and Environment Related Academic Programmes, which consists of advisors from the US, mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The assembled experts met at CityU from 11 August to 15 August to share with CityU's senior management personnel their expansive knowledge of energy and environment programmes on offer in the international arena. The committee has presented a detailed recommendation report to CityU on the steps required to implement the programme. In addition to energy and environment, the University is looking at similar programmes in the field of biomedical research.


Shenzhen delegation visit
CityU received 16 delegates of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle led by Mr Liu Yingli on 14 August. The delegation was welcomed by Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, Professor David Tong Shuk-yin, Deputy President, Professor Roderick Wong Sue-cheun, Vice-President (Research) and Dean of Graduate Studies, Mr James Ng Kam-ming, Executive Director of CityU Extension, and 13 other representatives. Discussions focused on cooperation between CityU and Shenzhen. Professor Kuo introduced to the delegation the recent developments of CityU, including preparations for the new four-year curriculum and the focus on collecting expert advice on academic development and management issues. The visit was part of the three-day research activity under the Circle's 2008V2010 action plan. A cooperation agreement on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle was signed by the two cities to enable the comprehensive promotion and enhancement of technological collaboration between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, including an exchange of personnel talent and a sharing of resources.

Welcoming new students
CityU has organised a series of orientation activities to welcome the new Year 1 students and help them familiarise with their new university life. One of the key events, the University Welcoming Ceremony, will be held from 25 August to 27 August at Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall. Students from different faculties and schools will meet Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, teachers and representatives of the Students' Union and Convocation.

United Nations lecture
Professor Wang Guiguo, Dean of the School of Law, delivered a lecture for the United Nations International Law Fellowship Programme, which took place at the Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, from 7 July to 15 August. He delivered the lecture on International Trade Law to senior officials and law professionals from developing countries. Professor Wang was the first Chinese academic to deliver a lecture upon invitation from the UN.

Workshop on Vietnamese state
An international workshop entitled "Remaking the Vietnamese state: Implications for Vietnam and beyond" organised by the Southeast Asia Research Centre will be held from 21 August to 22 August. The workshop aims to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the political economy of the state and state society relations in contemporary Vietnam. Among the 18 speakers from around the world are Professor Martin Painter, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Dr Jonathan London and Dr Chan Yuk-wah, assistant professors at the Department of Asian and International Studies.

Young leader
A Year 2 Department of Asian and International Studies student with a keen news sense, Johnny Ma Chun-ning, was named a Young Leader in the 2nd Young Leaders Selection organised by Harbour Junior Chamber. Johnny has written current affairs and travel articles for local newspapers and magazines and organised general education workshops for primary and secondary school students with different education institutes, to communicate his societal concerns to young people.

Debate winner
CityU's Chinese Debating Team was crowned champion in the 10th Basic Law Multi-Dimensional Inter-University Debate Competition. Three team members, Johnathan Chui King-wah, Department of Information Systems, Karen Cheng Yu-kiu, Department of Marketing, and Ryan Chan Wai-kiu, Department of Public and Social Administration, collected the Best Debater Awards in a heat, the semi-final and final respectively.

Annual report prize
CityU's 2006-07 Annual Report received the Bronze award in the 2008 International ARC Awards Competition in the category of "Photography: University". It also received the Honours award in both the "Cover photo/Design: University" and "President's letter X Non-profit organisation: University" categories. The International ARC Awards is the largest international competition honouring excellence in annual reports.

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