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No. 116 15 July 2008


Senior visit
State Vice-President Xi Jinping led a delegation visiting the Shenzhen Research Institute of CityU and its Biotech and Health Centre on 5 July. He is the most senior state leader ever to have visited CityU facilities. Vice-President Xi was shown some of the research undertaken at the Biotech and Health Centre, including the testing of anticancer drugs that uses biochip technology, innovative diagnosis technology to detect cervical cancer and the development of biosensors combining communication and biology technologies for the testing of blood and urine samples.

Tertiary internationalisation
CityU has organised a conference on The Internationlisation of Chinese Universities to run from 17 July to 19 July. Hosted by Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, about 50 representatives from universities and government sectors on the mainland, in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong will share their views on the internationalisation of tertiary education.

Funding success
Among the eight local higher education institutions in Hong Kong, CityU was ranked third in terms of the percentage of successful applications for funding from the 2008íV09 General Research Fund. According to the Research Grants Council, CityU's success rate in applying for funding was 40.7%, a marked improvement on last year's 34.3%. This year, a total of 127 CityU projects were funded, with a net value of $61.2m. In terms of the number of grants and their total value, this represented an increase of 16.5% and 1.5% respectively.


Senior appointment
Professor Lee Chun-sing, Department of Physics and Materials Science, has been promoted to the position of Chair Professor in the 2007íV08 Promotion Exercises, with effect from 1 September 2008.


Booking a place in curriculum
A Course in Sociolinguistics, co-authored by Professor Benjamin T'sou Ka-yin, Director of the Language Information Science Research Centre of CityU, has been selected by the Ministry of Education as a national textbook for use in mainland universities. The book, co-authored by Professor T'sou and Professor You Rujie from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University, is one of the very few Chinese textbooks examining linguistics and socio-cultural changes from a Chinese perspective.


Mathematics recognition
Professor Felipe Cucker, Chair Professor, Department of Mathematics, was named Chairman of the Society for Foundations of Computational Mathematics for three years, effective June 2008. The position is a major international recognition, with previous chairmen including a Fields Medallist, a Dantzig prize winner and professors from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.


Debate contest
Students from CityU and Tianjin University will debate on the topic "Does economic globalisation result in cultural globalistion?", on 17 July at CityU. The debate will examine the interaction of Eastern and Western cultures as found in Hong Kong and Tianjin.


Fun days
The Science and Engineering Fun Days are being held from 23 July to 25 July. The Fun Days, organised by the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE), aim to introduce practical and interesting facets of scientific knowledge to secondary students through laboratory tours and experiments. Around 380 students had applied to attend more than 20 workshops and sample FSE's facilities.


Lucky charms
The Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV) is holding an exhibition of ancient amulets entitled "Chinese Charms: Arts, Religion and Folk Belief" from now until 24 August at CityU Gallery. The exhibits include about 150 artefacts dating from the Han Dynasty to early 20th Century. The opening ceremony was held on 11 July. Officiating guests included Mr Zhou Yi, Director of Research Institute of Culture and History, The People's Government of Guangdong Province; Dr Alex Fang Chengyu, Assistant Professor of Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics of CityU and collector of Chinese charms; and Professor Cheng Pei-kai, Director of CCIV.


Olympic torch relay
Jamie Zhan Bao, a Year 2 student in the Department of Biology and Chemistry, was selected as one of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay Bearers in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The torch relay was held on 9 July and Jamie was the 27th runner.


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