HKIAS symposium

The HKIAS Symposium on Advances in Neuroscience highlights the remarkable technical and conceptual progress across the whole of modern neuroscience. One of the main objectives is to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience and the opportunities for interaction and collaboration between neuroscience and other fields, including genomics, engineering, computation, data science, clinical medicine and even the humanities. For more information on the event, which takes place from 25 to 26 March, please visit here.

CityU Distinguished Lecture

The development of non-volatile spintronic nanodevices is critical in realising standby-power free, low-power consumption, yet high performance integrated circuits for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and arti­ficial intelligence. In his talk "Spintronics Nanodevice" on15 March, Professor Hideo Ohno, President of Tohoku University in Japan, will discuss the magnetic tunnel junction, a two-terminal non-volatile spintronic device that can scale down to 20 nm, and its ultimate scalability when down to less than 10 nm. For more information, please visit here.

President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia

Big data analysis and machine learning are currently two main techniques used in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. In this lecture on 22 March, Chair Professor Yan Hong of the Department of Electronic Engineering will provide a historical review of AI and explain the basic principles of data classification and machine learning methods. The talk is titled “Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges”. For more information, please visit here.

Art Deco. The France-China Connection

A new exhibition at the CityU Exhibition Gallery will showcase more than 300 exhibits from museums, institutions and private collectors in France, Hong Kong and Shanghai, revealing the origins of Art Deco in France and displaying the versatility, originality and adaptability of Art Deco designs. The exhibition also shows how Art Deco has been inextricably linked with Chinese culture and arts and explores the influence of the Art Deco style in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The exhibition runs from 6 March to June 30. Please visit here  for more information.

CityU Walk Contest 2019

The aim of the CityU Walk Contest 2019 from 1 to 31 March is to promote healthy living. It is part of the Wellness For All programme. The Prize Presentation and Closing Ceremony will be held on 12 April. If you would like to participate and find out more, please visit here.