Summer Research Internship

The Summer Research Internship provides opportunities for secondary school students to undertake engineering-related research attachments for approximately one month at CityU during the summer 2023. Students will be actively engaged in CityU laboratories under the supervision of CityU PhD students and a faculty member as an advisor. 


During the internship, students will:

  • develop research skills and knowledge in a specific area of interest
  • join a world-class research team and work alongside with leading experts in the field
  • establish professional networks for future studies and career



  • Secondary 4 - 6 students
  • High proficiency in English with good academic standing
  • Nominated by at least one referee from the school


Key Dates

Application Deadline 3 March 2023 (Friday)
Interview Period 27 March 2023 (Monday)  - 11 May 2023 (Thursday)
Release of Result 31 May 2023 (Wednesday), Tentative

Internship Duration


4 weeks in July - August 2023

(min. 16 contact hours per week on CityU campus)

Submission of Logbooks & Presentation Videos Deadline 14 September 2023 (Thursday)



Students are required to complete the online application form and provide contact details of their referee teachers.

The referee teachers will receive emails from us to submit their recommendations. 


Online Application 

Project List


We will acknowledge receipt of your applications by email.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us by phone at 3442 2770 or email to

Department Code Research Topic Description
Advanced Design and Systems Engineering ADSE-S1 Prototypes for Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing Students will join our research teams to design, develop and test various prototypes for smart city and smart manufacturing system design and management.
ADSE-S2 Reliability Study of High-Performance Microelectronic Chips Students are welcome to join our research teams and study the reliability issues for high-performance microelectronics that can be applied in a data centre for AI calculations.
ADSE-S3 Building Structural Digital Twin of Critical Urban Assets Students will join our research group to build a structural digital twin of a critical urban asset in the smart city.
Architecture and Civil Engineering ACE-S1 Built-informatics and Smart Cities Cluster: The Access to the Metaverse of Digital Architecture and Engineering Students will gain a better understanding of architecture and engineering through this research internship. Digital tools inside the BIM lab will allow students to explore digitalisation in construction and learn basic 3D modelling theories. Students will research innovative designs and create VR models through hands-on tutorials.
Biomedical Engineering BME-S1 Learn Microfluidics with Fun Students will be involved in the design, fabrication and characterization of their own microfluidic devices through hands-on workshops and a project showcase. 
Electrical Engineering EE-S1 CityU ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Team Summer Internship Students will join the CityU ROV Team to learn about the key knowledge, foundation and essential techniques to build a multi-functional ROV. They will also take part in the preparatory work for the upcoming International MATE Competition learning activities.
EE-S2 State Key Lab Summer Research Internship Students will gain valuable learning experience at the State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves, City University of Hong Kong, to perform research activities in the area of antenna design, communication design, and software and hardware designs.
Mechanical Engineering MNE-S1 Maskless Photolithography Machine Students will design and make a maskless photolithography machine from scratch. The machine will include optical and mechanical parts and integration. Students will learn instrumentation and automation. The machine will be able to produce sub-micron resolution of lithography with photoresists.
MNE-S2 Aerial Robotics Students will employ the origami technique (paper folding) to construct a small single-propeller robot capable of flying.
MNE-S3 Robotics Students will build an Embedded Control System to work on a robotics project together.
Materials Science and Engineering MSE-S1 Advanced Materials for High-Performance Rechargeable Batteries in the Post-Lithium-Ion Batteries Era Students will participate in the R&D project related to future materials for high-performance rechargeable batteries as an intriguing alternative for use as the coming post-lithium-Ion batteries. New materials to be explored include the cathode, anode, and electrolyte. Solid electrolytes may be one of the focuses.