Business Economics
Normative 4-year Degree
Business Economics
Degree / Award Title
Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics
Offering Academic Unit
Department of Economics and Finance
Normal Period of Study
4 years
Maximum Period of Study
8 years
Credit Units Required for Graduation
120 credit units
Note: The following curriculum information is subject to periodic review and changes.

GE Requirements (30 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2021/22

  Credit Units
University Requirements GE1401 University English 3
GE2402 English for Business Communication 3
GE1501 Chinese Civilisation - History and Philosophy 3
Distributional Requirements Take at least 1 course from each of the three distributional areas:

Area 1: Arts and Humanities
Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations
Area 3: Science and Technology

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College-specified Courses CB2203 Data-driven Business Modellling 3
CB2240 Introduction to Business Programming in Python 3
CB3043 Business Case Analysis and Communication 3

College / School Requirements (42 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2021/22

1. College Core Courses (33 credit units)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
CB2100Introduction to Financial Accounting3
CB2101Introduction to Managerial Accounting3
CB2200Business Statistics3
CB2201Operations Management3
CB2500Information Management3
CB3410Financial Management3
CB4303Strategy and Policy3

2. College Electives (9 credit units) #
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
AC3202Corporate Accounting I3
CB2041Applications of Game Theory to Business3
CB3021Business Discovery Methods3
CB3041Financial Statement Analysis3
CB3044Introduction to Financial Markets3
CB3045Advanced Seminar on Business Case Analysis3
CS1102Introduction to Computer Studies3
IS2021Big Data Management3
IS2023Mobile Applications for Business3
MA1006Calculus and Linear Algebra for Business3
MGT3306Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management3
MKT3601China Business Environment3
MS3124Global Supply Chain Management3
MS3252Regression Analysis3
LW2903Business and Law3

# For BBA students, in the case that the same course being offered in the Major and in College Electives, the credit units earned will count only once, for fulfilling the Major requirement, then for fulfilling the College requirement. Students have to take another College elective course to make up for the freed credit units. Students are responsible for ensuring the College and Major requirements are fulfilled to obtain graduation qualification.

For Normative 4-year students declaring BBA double major, 9 credits of College Elective will be exempted.

Major Requirements (30 credit units)Catalogue Term : Semester A 2022/23

  • Major-based students admitted in 2021 will follow the Major Requirements of Catalogue Term Semester A 2021/22.
  • Department-based students admitted in 2021 will follow the Major Requirements of Catalogue Term Semester A 2022/23, when they declare a home major next year.

1. Core Courses (12 credit units)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit UnitsRemarks
EF2452Mathematics for Economics and Finance3
EF3441Intermediate Macroeconomics3
EF3442Intermediate Microeconomics3
EF3450Principles of Econometrics3

2. Electives (18 credit units)

Choose six courses from the following course list.
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Units
EF3320Security Analysis and Portfolio Management3
EF3451Economic and Business Forecasting3
EF3452Methods in Economic Theory3
EF3461Economies of China (Mainland) and Hong Kong3
EF4312Mergers and Acquisitions3
EF4431Money and Banking3
EF4441Open Economy Macroeconomics3
EF4471International Finance3
EF4473International Trade3
EF4480Industrial Organization3
EF4481Regulatory Economics3
EF4484Economic Strategy and Game Theory3
EF4485Experimental Methods in Economics/Finance3
EF4490Urban Economics3
EF4491Real Estate Economics and Finance3
Any one Core course from other BBA Majors3