Master Class Schedule Terminology

1.    Subject + Course = Course Code

  • alphabets denoting code for the academic unit or for a particular study programme; plus a numeric code up to 4 or 5 digits, the first digit being the level of the course
  • refer to "Course Code Terminology" for the full list of alphabetical codes and their meaning

2.    CRN = Course Reference Number

  • a unique number assigned to a particular section of a class for a specific course
  • for identification purposes when adding or dropping a course

3.    Section = Section Code

  • a 3-character code (e.g. C01) to denote different sections of the same course
  • the 1st alphabet shows the class type
    C Lecture
    D Dissertation / Project / Thesis
    F Fieldwork
    L Laboratory
    S Seminar
    T Tutorial
    W Online delivery
  • the 2nd and 3rd alphanumeric characters complete the unique ID of a section
  • in most cases, tutorials 'T' and laboratory sections 'L' should link with lectures 'C'; the 2nd alphanumeric character also defines whether the tutorials/laboratory sections are linked to designated lecture(s)
    e.g. C01, C02 ... C11 ... C59 link with T01, T02 ... T13 ... T24 ... T59 and
          L01 ... L59
      C61, C62 link with T61, T62 ... T71 ... T99
      CA1 links with TA1, TA2 ... TA9
      CB1 links with LB1, LB2 ... LB9
  • if a course comprises more than one class types, students should register all the necessary types of sections, otherwise registration error will occur

4.    Credit = Credit Units

  • The credit value of a course will only appear in one of the section component, normally the lecture section, and the credits for the associated components such as tutorial and laboratory sections will be 0.

5.    Campus

  • The course section is offered to students enrolled in the displayed "campus".
    Campus Students Enrolled in
    Main Campus Colleges/Schools
    Community College of CityU Faculties of Science & Technology/Business/Arts & Humanities/Social Sciences (Main Campus)
    Telford Faculties of Science & Technology/Business/Arts & Humanities/Social Sciences (Telford Annex)

6.    WEB

  • Courses marked 'Y' under this heading indicate the courses are web-enabled and students can add/drop such courses on the web.
  • Courses marked 'N' under this heading indicate that these courses are NOT web-enabled. Use the Add/Drop Form to submit changes for these courses to the course-offering academic unit for approval.   

7.    Level

  • Eligible student level for taking the course:
    A Associate Degree Level
    B Bachelor's Degree Level
    P Postgraduate Degree level
    D Professional Doctorate level
    R Research Degree level

8.    Capacity and Available Places

  • Cap = Maximum quota for the course
  • Avail = Remaining seats left
  • Waitlist Avail = Waitlist quota availability
    Y Waitlist available
    N Waitlist not available
    FULL Waitlist full

9.    Medium of Instruction

  • The medium of instruction of individual courses/course sections is displayed to facilitate students in choosing classes.
  • The information is for general reference only. Refer to the syllabus of individual courses for more detailed information.

10.    Day = Day of the Week

  • M Monday
    T Tuesday
    W Wednesday
    R Thursday
    F Friday
    S Saturday

11.    TBA = To Be Announced

  • TBA appearing under "Instructors" means the information is not yet available and will be announced later.

12.    Part of Term

  • 1 Regular term
    Y Year-long
    S Special term
  • The majority of courses are one semester long and are classified as "regular term". Courses which extend to more than one semester are classified as "year-long". Courses not following the regular term start/end dates are classified as "special term".


Course Code Terminology

Course Code Offering Academic Unit/Programme
AC Accountancy
AIS Asian and International Studies
BCH Chemistry
BME Biomedical Engineering
BMS Biomedical Sciences
BST Division of Building Science and Technology
CA Architecture and Civil Engineering
CAH Chinese and History
CB College of Business
CE Optional language courses offered by School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN University Chinese offered by School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE)
COM Media and Communication
CS Computer Science
CSCI College of Science
EC Courses in MSc Electronic Commerce jointly offered by Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Systems
EE Electrical Engineering
EF Economics and Finance
EN English
FB College of Business
FS College of Engineering
GE Gateway Education courses
IS Information Systems
JC Joint courses
LC Chan Feng Men-ling Chan Shuk-lin Language Centre
LT Linguistics and Translation
LW School of Law
MA Mathematics
MBE Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
MGT Management
MKT Marketing
MNE Mechanical Engineering
MS Management Sciences
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
PED Physical education courses offered by Student Development Services
PH Infectious Diseases and Public Health
PHY Physics
PLE Courses in Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) offered by School of Law
POL Public Policy
SDSC School of Data Science
SEE School of Energy and Environment
SEEM Advanced Design and Systems Engineering
SG Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies
SM School of Creative Media
SS Social and Behavioural Sciences
VM Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences