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Positive Education

What are Positive Education and Positive Psychology?

Positive Education is an approach to applying positive psychology to help individuals to flourish in education setting. Positive psychology is a field of social sciences supported with empirical base, in studying the relationship among character strengths, positive emotions and happiness. In contrast to the conventional approach of psychology in focusing on the impact of psychopathology on personal development, positive psychology emphasizes on holistic development. It aims to help individuals in discovering, nurturing, and utilizing their character strengths and potentials, and in facilitating personal development on positive elements such as optimism, joyfulness, and love; and in turn, people can better encounter their stress and challenges in daily life, and ultimately to have a flourishing life (Tang, Yao & Qin,  2010) . 

Tang G.J., Yao Y. S., & Qiu M. Y. (2010). Xi Le Gong Cheng. Hong Kong: Breakthrough.