By FUNG Wing Sum, Sammi (BA English for Professional Communication, Year 2)

Carefully removing the seals of the red packets, taking out the surprising treasure with a contented smile on your face, it is really hard to realise how time flies. After the joyful Chinese New Year celebrations, the surroundings are still filled with the impressive colour, red. Oh! It is high time to show our love and thankfulness to the people around us. Welcome to the season of love for the year – February!  

Looking around, we are living and sharing with our family and friends.  A lot of us admit that we do not spend enough time with those we love and we just keep a casual eye on what we have got. However, have you ever thought that there is actually someone who cares about you and strives to provide you with a supportive environment? Wherever you are, you are never alone. Your family members, friends, classmates, roommates, Residence Tutors, security guards and cleaners etc. are all here for you. They care about you, create bonds of friendship and always stand by you. Sometimes, we may not even discover how much they have helped us.


It is time for us to act and tell them how much we love them and how important they are to us. Words of thankfulness and appreciation are good ways to show our appreciation to others. Here comes a golden chance – the Thank You Week - organised by the Student Ambassador Programme of Student Development Services. There are all kinds of little gifts and thank-you cards on sale for you to choose from and thank all those you wish. Remember to visit the sales counter of the Thank You Week outside the I-Café of the university podium on 21-25 February 2011.

As well as buying little gifts, you may also express your deepest gratitude and love by tailor-making a thank-you card or sending a unique D.I.Y gift. Give some thought to what you can do for people who have helped you make your hall life happy.   Let’s make February a thankful month to express our gratitude, to thank and appreciate each other.

ResLink Issue No.32
Feb 2011