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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

It has been 5 months since I began my job searching. Up to now I have had two offers, one from Deloitte Taxation and the other from Ernst & Young IT Risk and Assurance. During the past semester, I have experienced ups and downs and would like to share my career goal and job searching experiences with the coming 2011 graduates or others who want to have a glance at the job market.

First I used career preference tests such as ONET and MBTI to find my career interests. This turned out to be very helpful. I figured out that I prefer to work with people rather than machines and to communicate rather than do real things.

Next, I prepared two basic things which are essential to successful job searching: an impressive resume and a persuasive cover letter. I consulted Mr. James Leung, Senior Counsellor of SDS, at least 10 times for my job search preparation and resume improvement. Writing an impressive resume enhances your understanding of what you did and what you learned in the past. It also makes you confident in interviews.

Once you have a refined resume, look for job positions on, which is THE website for graduate positions. Only current Hong Kong students have access to it. They need your student identity for registration. The process is really, really slow, while sending an email to CAIO to ask for JIJIS registration is much faster. Also, JIJIS provides lots of summer jobs, which is helpful for Year 2 students.

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A frequently asked question is how to prepare for a group interview. I believe that a group interview is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your leadership, critical thinking and communication skills. Thus the only way to prepare is to take every group project in your courses seriously. Don’t miss a chance!

Many students believe that HKU, CU and UST students are better than we CityU students. I should say competence lies in individuals rather than the school. If you have been a perfectionist and tried your best to excel in your university career, you definitely deserve a good offer.

Good luck to the graduates and may you be successful in your job searching!