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By Angel CHAN (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

Love can blind one's eyes and heart, letting one plunge into a bottomless hole of indulgence. To the extremity, love can cause unpredictable destruction.In this hearsay story, love causes deconfiguration forever of an innocent laptop.

Her white long dress slightly waving with her steps, she walked as if floating through the crowd. The jostling crowd could not blind him to her purity and beauty. When he saw her, he immediately knew he was meant to go after her. For a year one student like Steve, stepping into the university was like opening a door to the flowery world. At once he fell in love with Jane, his classmate whose beam could make him feel like flying on the clouds.

Jane lived in a student hall and Steve was without doubt her most frequent guest. From time to time the puppy-love-drowned boy spent hours staying in her room, finding himself admiring almost everything his eyes could reach. But one day he lamented laying his fingers on that Pandora’s box which disillusioned him and taught him that love was nothing but sweet-coated poison.

Jane was having a nap on her bed, leaving him bored in the room. Her laptop was too much temptation to resist -- a probe into her untold details. He kept convincing himself that stealthily browsing her files was only out of his care for her. His heart skipped a beat when Jane turned her body, but a few minutes later he didn’t bother about waking her up – in a file located in a rarely opened folder he uncovered hundreds of pictures she had taken with several unfamiliar faces, some of them on the bed! His cheeks were filled with burning rage. With his composure defeated by heartache. Steve jumped off the chair, grasping the laptop so crudely that all the wires were plucked off and the sound alerted Jane. Half-awake, she wasn’t fast enough to stop Steve before she witnessed her laptop being tossed over the window edge.

What happened then in the room has forever remained a myth, but it was obvious from the lack of excitement following the tossing that no one really got hurt. To be hit by a 20GB memory disk can mean an opening-up of one’s brain or an intellectual opening-up.