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By Ash KURMA (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

I have been part of the Student Residence for two years now. During this period, I have attended numerous events such as the high table dinner, Poon Choi dinner and City-Youth Empowerment. It would be my pleasure to describe the details of the entertainment during the events. However, most of us fail to recognise the time and efforts dedicated by our students to coordinate such fabulous events.

A man of wisdom once said that “teamwork is simply less me and more we.” I would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to those who have been project coordinators in making the Joint- Hall Chinese New Year Celebration a spectacular night, namely, Derek, Domain, Winky and David! Those who managed to squeeze time out from their busy schedule to attend the celebration event had a chance to play fun games at the booths hosted by our Residents’ Associations. It was an event composed of delicious traditional food and fun! For traditional food, there was an abundant supply of dumplings, fish balls, Chinese desserts and candies. For fun, some of the halls hosted games, such as picking up marbles with chopsticks (personal success needs to be mentioned - I beat Fraces Antoine Memins with a score of 8-5). Others hosted a game called “Miniature Football”, in which the players had to use shoes to swing through holes to win the game. The winners could bring home their sweet prizes, such as smiley face magnets and candies.

However, games were definitely not the only highlight of the night. The crowd was mesmerized by the traditional lion dance, the Chinese New Year greeting songs and the beautiful CityU Chinese dancers, Anne Yan and Song Qiaochu. Dancers from Tin Shui Wai Governemnt Secondary School were also invited to perform graceful traditional Chinese ethnic group dancing.

I would be honoured to write this story from the perspective of an organiser of the night. However, the words of the other participants are far more convincing then my own words in showing that this was a truly spectacular evening. No matter whom I spoke to - for instance, our main organiser Domain, our dancer Anne Yan and our exchange student Michael Mcallister, who dressed in a traditional Chinese costume handing out red packets with gifts - their responses were always the same and could be summed up in a mutually agreed statement: “we're happy to do it!”

To the accompaniment of laughter and joy, we spent a memorable night at the Joint-Hall Chinese New Year Celebration held on 24 February 2010 in our Student Residence!