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By Angel CHAN (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

To a student resident, life in hall can be meaningful, exciting and independent, but this is not always the case. For some, dealing with hall life can be a headache at times. This is not a story about courage or dignity but about desperation for survival.  Remember, it is just hearsay.
In an unnamed hall there dwells an unknown student who is identified as a “big rice bucket”, a big eater you may call him. But a good eater doesn’t always mean a good cook. He is definitely a perfect example of this, since at his best he can only tackle instant dishes.  However simple his meals may be, the preparation can end up as a great disaster. One of these disasters was witnessed and is still celebrated in all the halls.

The legend started on a freezing winter night when “big rice bucket” was heating a white bun in the microwave oven. One minute…. two minutes…. time passed particularly slowly but deep in his longing heart he knew that eight minutes would be good. Finally came the moment to harvest. He ducked before  the oven, pulled open the oven door and peered at the dish, only to discover in the mist of burning smell that his bun has been completely hardened and blackened into crispy carbohydrate.  

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Hope as well as appetite faded into oblivion when he was left with nothing but a stoned holed dome together with his pressing hunger. In desperation, his instinct told him that he must by all means finish the bun. The moment he resolved to take out a saucepan and boil the “thing”, a female floor-mate appeared, just in time to halt his crazy deed by giving him a pack of instant noodles. This good-hearted young lady might be stunned to know that if she hadn’t walked away in disbelief, she would have seen the final tragic scene ----the boy she had tried to save boiled the bun with the noodles.

Tips to avoid overheating -----slightly spray buns with water and only heat them for a minute.