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By Ash KUMAR (Jockey Club Harmony Hall)

For those of you looking for an opportunity to explore your creativity and inspire others, it is time to pick up your camera and let your talents shine! The Student Residence Office and all student residence halls proudly invite all residents to consider taking part in the “Professor Edmond Ko Cup Inter-hall Photography Competition (2009-10)”.

Starting from last year, the Organising Committee (OC) has taken each Hall’s name in turn as the theme for the Competition, so that residents can showcase through their photograph images their interpretation of the themes - Humanity, Prosperity, Academy, Harmony. Last year the OC of the Professor Edmond Ko Cup and the selected panel of judges received numerous photographs based on the theme of “Humanity. The photographs were showcased to the residents, allowing us to provide our valued input and choose our favourite picture that conveyed the theme most effectively. The winner of the “Independent” category of last year’s Inter-hall Photograph Competition, Tsang Ngai Shing from Lee Shau Kee Hall, captured an intimate picture entitled “Generations”. It spoke a thousand words to those who had an opportunity to view it.This year the OC and students, including myself, look forward to seeing works with rousing images that convey the theme of “Prosperity”.  From residents of this year who are keen to capture this theme, the OC is looking for images in an “Independent” and a “Story”  category, between 3 and 5 photos need to be submitted to SRO by 12:00noon on 5 February 2010.

Despite the beginning of a new semester, which is bound to be just as busy as the previous ones, this is an opportunity to reflect and showcase the development of the student residence and residential life of City University of Hong Kong as an institution beyond academia.  Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.says Dorothea Lange, quoting an American documentary photographer.

What is your interpretation of “Prosperity”? Grasp this chance to share it with us by taking photographs and submitting your works to SRO via your hall’s Residence Tutor. I look forward to viewing how my peers have captured images to convey their talents and captivate the hearts of viewers.