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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)
Gaargi SHARMA (Alumni Civility Hall)


“Festival”- the very sound of this word brings a flooding smile to most of our faces. A series of thoughts starts gushing into our heads the moment the word is heard. Festivals are times when you can be together with your loved ones and share joy with others. Now since that is so, wouldn’t it be apt to term October the “month of joy” in Hong Kong?

The three festivals that are lined up this month are National Day on 1 October, Mid-Autumn Festival on 3 October and Chung Yeung Festival (Chong Yang Festival ) on 26 October. As well as being holidays, these festivals share a distinct commonality. They give everyone a chance to illustrate their respect for all those they love. Respect and love are the knots that link them.

The People’s Republic of China was founded on 1 October 1949 and National Day is a memorial for the martyrs who died in the war fighting for the independence of China. National Day is the day when everyone shows their respect for the motherland. We all love China and respect it but National Day brings all of us under one roof and allows us to offer our respect and love to our country.

Next comes Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals, marking the re-union of the family. People go back to their home town, have dinner with their family and eat moon cakes. There were many residents who couldn’t go back to their homes. But they celebrated this lovely festival with all of us at the Joint-Hall Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration or in other ways.

Last but not the least is the Chung Yeung Festival. On this day Chinese people used to climb high mountains, wear Zhuyu (a plant), drink chrysanthemum wine and eat Chinese cakes called “Ko”. Nowadays, Chung-Yeung Festival has become a holiday for hiking when everyone tries to be together, thereby showing their togetherness.

These bonds of love and respect bring all of us together in the month of October and link us, so that the feelings of well-being grow exponentially. We hope that each one of you enjoys this month and has a great month ahead! Happy October, we say!