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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Greening of Hong Kong” sounds like a huge government project demanding the involvement of immense labor and financial costs. So is it thousands of miles away from us? Of course not. If Hong Kong is a tree, then each of us can be a leaf, small but contributing to the greenness of the whole, and our student residence is like that too.

Green is one of the dominant colours in the student residence, though we are in the centre of the Kowloon peninsula overlooking skyscrapers all around. From verdant lawn to blooming flowers, all of these do not only give us a sense of green and enjoyment on a micro level, but also affect the environmental development of Hong Kong on a macro level. Behind the scenes, a team of hard-working gardeners nurture the greenness here responsibly.

green hong kong

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This semester, the student residence keeps bringing us surprises. Have you noticed some changes in front of Chan Sui Kau Hall? A new eye-pleasing parterre has been constructed. It may seem too small to have a big influence on the overall air quality of the residence, let alone that of Hong Kong, but every little counts, doesn’t it?


So a simple action of yours can also make a difference: separate domestic waste products (plastic, paper and aluminum) into the recycle bins available on each floor; keep the green lawn clean; appreciate flowers and plants around the residence without plucking them; put plants to make your rooms green, etc. Just as the Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR, Mr. Edward Yau Tang-wah, said in a talk entitled “Hong Kong – A Green City?” which he gave on 17 September in our university: “The most important factor in greening Hong Kong is whole-hearted support from citizens”.

An environmentally-friendly community needs our consideration and contribution. “I love Hong Kong, I love Green” is a voice from our hearts. Undoubtedly, a green Hong Kong is made for us and made by us.