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By Jason JIANG (Lee Shau Kee Hall)

We have nine hall masters living in the Student Residence and their family members also live with them at one of the staff quarters on the top floor of the Hall. They are special members of our community. Yesterday I had the honour of interviewing Dr. Alan Yeung, the Residence Master of Lee Shau Kee Hall (Hall 6), and his family.

Dr. Alan Yeung is from the EE Department and has been the RM of Hall 6 for more than 4 years. He said being an RM gave him an opportunity to know more about the students here besides their academic studies. And he was glad to witness how the hall culture had been built up over the past few years. When talking about the development of hall culture, Alan expressed his expectations for more active participation in hall activities from residents. He said mainland students might have different backgrounds from local students but this didn’t necessarily lead to culture bias. “Hong Kong students may also have culture bias among themselves. Active participation is the key to enjoying a happy hall life, and it doesn’t matter where you come from.”

Alan and his family



Mrs. Eva Yeung, the RM Lady of Hall 6, and her son Ho Yin, have been supporting hall activities for a long time. I have seen them participating in high table dinners, hall orientation and many other activities. When Mrs. Yeung first moved in, she was surprised at having to remember so many new faces. She has been enjoying hall life very much. When she meets a resident, no matter in activities or in the lift, she always says "hi" to him or her. She said many residents were very nice and outgoing. And for those who were shy, she said they didn’t have to be afraid of her because she’s just another member of the hall family. As for Alan’s son, Ho Yin, he found it a very special experience living with so many older brothers and sisters. He loved joining hall activities very much and you could see him at almost every hall activity. He also enjoyed talking to exchange students, which helped him improve his English.

Dr.Alan Yeung and his family have contributed a lot to promoting residence life for Hall 6 members. We have 8 other Residence Masters and their families living with us too. They are all special members of this community. Check our coming ResLink issues to know more about these special members!