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By Angela LIU (Chan Sui Kau Hall)

Since primary school, we have known different kinds of representatives: class monitors, group representatives, class representatives, house representatives, etc. But what is a floor representative? Your hall tutor will tell you at the first floor meeting, when traditionally floor representatives are selected, that a floor representative needs to handle some basic tasks, such as buying necessities used in the Common Room and organising floor gatherings. But is their mission really that small and simple?


Of course not,” any responsible Floor Representative will tell you. Flex Yang, who has been a Floor Representative for two years, hopes to enhance communication and understanding among floormates. “This is an essential part of my mission, and is also the impetus for me to take this job” said Flex, “Although I cannot make desserts for my floormates, I can organise gatherings such as hot pots.

Besides organising various gatherings, the floor decoration competition is another challenge to them. They need to coordinate the whole process, from brainstorming and buying materials to final decoration. “It’s demanding,” said Maya Chen, “but I love to work together with my floormates. I have made friends with them, and this is my expectation of being a Floor Representative.

How about problems that floormates are facing? Some of us lose food in the refrigerator or are dissatisfied with the mess in the Common Room. Don’t worry. Your Floor Representatives are the problem shooters. “I divide the space in the refrigerator into 12 parts, and each room is assigned one.” Flex Yang said. An efficient way to keep our public area clean and tidy, isn’t it?

Each floor is a big family. If the Residence Tutor is the parent, the Floor Representative(s) is/are the elder brother(s) or sister(s), whom you can turn to when having difficulties and who have the magic to colour your life, especially at a time when your parents are too busy to give you immediate attention. You can see Floor Representatives as coordinators, organisers and problem-shooters. But “friends” is the noun they want to hear. “Small” is the term they always use to humbly describe their roles, but we all know, “significant” is what they are to our enjoyable and memorable residential life.