There have been cases of residents and visitors being unable to find the right way to reach their own hall buildings or exact spots on our student residence site. Residents and visitors can now refer to the student residence site map outside the entrance to Multi-function Hall A.

To find a location and transportation for getting to the student residence, visitors can find useful information on the SRO website

If you are observant, you may have noticed a number plate on the beam of each Hall building. They are there so that visitors, including food delivery men and taxi drivers, can easily recognise the Hall from a distance and also our student residents can point the Hall showing where the location is.

Next time your friends or family members come to visit you, or you want to order food delivery, you can tell them exactly how they can find you. Be a friendly host and help visitors locate places by pointing them out and using the site map located outside the entrance of Multi-function Hall A.


Where Are You?
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