October usually marks the beginning of a fire season. Several Fire Danger Warnings were raised in late September by the HK Observatory. Some may question how a fire could happen when we are all living in buildings with well-equipped fire service systems. We are protected by our security guards and Fire & Safety Marshals (FSMs), who are responsible for protecting us from fire, loss of life and damage of property.

At the beginning of the new housing year, a FSM has been appointed for each floor. They received training related to safety issues, fire prevention and first-aid in Sept. The major duties of FSMs are to:

  1. check that all fire service equipment functions properly and is properly placed on the floors;
  2. spread the message of civic responsibility and safety issues among residents;
  3. stop and report cases of smoking, candle burning and other improper sources of fire ignition;
  4. serve as First Aiders in residence; and
  5. check and report irregular practices which may lead to safety problems.

Each FSM has to complete a Monthly Checklist to make sure that our residence is safe. But still you may be worried - what would happen if there was a fire in the residence? DoníŽt panic, you and all FSMs are invited to attend fire prevention talks and fire drills each semester.

Every careless little step can lead to a big consequence. Be a responsible resident, never smoke or light a fire improperly or leave cooking unattended. Always s
tay alert, and report all irregularities and emergencies
to your FSM or Security Office (34421999) at once.



FSMs Play a Big Role
--Beware of Fire!