Is your attention now focused on the eye-catching US presidential election? Are you itchy to cast a vote for your favourite hall representatives? Now is a good time to fulfill your desire to be a voter, because right here in the Student Residence we will have the annual election of Residents Associations (RAs) to be held this month.

RAs are structured as independent student bodies affiliated with the CityU Studentsˇ¦ Union. Over the past few years, the RAs have helped organise and stage various activities, many of which belong to many residentsˇ¦ nice memories, as surely the next RA will do.

In September, the Halls were busy establishing their own Election Boards and submitting their election plans. Each RA has its own constitution, which spells out the goals of the RA and guides the elected office bearers in the coming year. The runners have been spending time sharing their vision and forming their cabinets. Running for election to an RA is not an easy task at all; it is about personal commitment and leadership development.

It is important to show your generous support for the RA officer-bearers-to-be, because only by mutual support can their promises be fulfilled. Do not forget to cast your vote at the Multi-function Hall A on 22 and 23 October 2008. Last year, the voting turnout ranged from 77.5% to 45.3%, which was higher than other student societies.

So, dear resident, please show up and cast your sacred vote, and certainly an election so close to us will outshine the one in the US!



Cast Your Vote for RA!