Boys and girls! Greetings! Whether or not you are now coping well with your study load, the forthcoming hall events in October will surely capture your heart!

On 19 October (Sun), we will have our Inter-hall Athletic Competition. The Competition is aimed to boost athletic spirits that never give up, so that you always try your best, not only in sports but also in study and daily life. Wide participation is very, very welcomeˇXwhether you are a representative or a member of a cheer team, it is a good time to show your generous support for your Hall as well as your sincere aspiration to make the acquaintance of others in this community!

For a long time, Halloween has been a tradition of having fun, and surely we will have more at SR at the end of this October! Many Halls are preparing for the celebration of this unique symbol of thrill-and-fun culture, so please be prepared to scream at ghosts, vampires, bats, skeletons and spiders in the lobby or on the floor! For those struggling restlessly with homework and looking for some stimulus, donˇ¦t miss this precious chance to challenge your heart rate!

Speaking Putonghua is now a new fashion in Hong Kong, especially in our community. The Putonghua Clinic is now open at Multi-function Hall B again, with one-to-one consultations from 8:30pm to 10:30 pm every Monday and special events every Wednesday night. Perfection comes only through practice, so do not hesitate to visit the Putonghua Clinic and talk as much as you like!

We sincerely hope that you will have a good R&R in these events and
be aware that not only study but also having fun
is an important part of hall life!










Upcoming Events in October for Fun