Ever since assuming the presidency, Professor Kuo Way, the President of City University of Hong Kong, has been active in participating in student activities to enhance communication with students and listen to their voices. On 18 Sept, he visited the Student Residence and met with student residents to learn more about the student residence environment and hall life.

Professor Kuo”¦s first stop was the Jockey Club Academy Hall where he met local, mainland and exchange student residents and visited their study-bedrooms. He admired the excellence of the residence environment and complimented students on the tidiness of their rooms.

After visiting an undergraduate hall, Professor Kuo visited Hall 8, our postgraduate hall. He was welcomed by Yang Hao, a graduate student, as well as a Residence Tutor, from whom he received a precious gift -- a photograph of Hong Kong sailing boats by Yang, who is also an expert photographer.

The path of Professor Kuo was not complete without seeing how our student residents enjoyed their leisure time and meeting friends. In Multi- Function Hall B, he witnessed how the regular Multi-Leisure Time had been serving as an avenue for students”¦ relaxation and exchange of ideas. Three students, Alan, Kiki and Karen, were proud to play ping-pong with the President! The other student residents welcomed him by cooking him their delicious home-made dishes. There Professor Kuo also met three of our ResLink Editorial Board members ”V Camille, Falcon and Jason. The President showed interest in the web-based newsletter and suggested that we view his blog, where we could learn about his ideas on CityU and university education. When asked about the difference between hall life in CityU and that in USA, he smiled and said our study-bedrooms were larger and cleaner, and our residence environment was splendid and relatively cheap in such an expensive city as Hong Kong. He wished us to treasure our residence life and take full advantage of it.

From his visit, we saw an approachable and amiable president.
We hope he will lead City University to greater heights.
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Leading By Amiability