Social Service Programme on the Treatment of Domestic Waste in Heyuan

When most of us were enjoying a warm holiday elsewhere or at least staying at home for the winter break,  eight of  the undergraduate students of the School of Energy and Environment (SEE) were working for the Social Service Programme in Heyuan organized by the South China University of Technology (SCUT). The 6-day Programme targeted at tackling the household waste in the villages in Heyuan, and served as a good platform for students to interact with peers from other universities from Hong Kong such as CUHK, HKUST and HKBU as well as the hosting university, SCUT.

In the early morning of 27 December 2014, the eight SEE students took the shuttle from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, spending six days on the programme till 1 January 2015.  All students, no matter from which universities they were, were divided into groups and worked together for their assigned tasks.

Through the various activities such as the briefing session on the situation in Heyuan, interviews with the families in the villages on their habits in handling domestic waste and meetings with the government officials on presenting their findings and suggestions, the students gained and benefited a lot from the Programme.  Though it was impossible for the students to rectify the situation in Heyuan in just a few days, the Programme indeed opened up new horizons for the students and stimulated them to think out of the box when facing problems with restriction.

The students would like to share with you

CHUNG Tsz Kwan LEUNG Sin Ying
FENG Xinmeng SHUM Wai Kwan
GAN Jing Fang Calvin WANG Chang Ting
LAW Ka Wing WONG On Yi