FinTech Olympiad Competition 2023

Using FinTech to create values for social and economic advancements!

  1. A. Summary

    1 Proposal submissionBy 31 Mar 2023
    • Design FinTech project & submit proposal
    2 ScreeningEarly Apr 2023
    • Screening by the organiser per judging criteria
    • About 20 teams will be selected into final round
    3 Announcement12 Apr 2023
    • Announcement of finalists
    4 Mentorship15 Apr 2023
    • Finalists will meet mentor(s) to seek professional advice
    5 Final Competition27 May 2023
    • Final competition in hybrid mode
    • Presentation by finalists
    • Results announcement
  2. B. Objectives

    As a competition participant, you will be able to:

    • Develop your talents, using FinTech to create values for social and economic advancements
    • Showcase your creativity and disruptive ideas to deliver positive impacts and changes to the society
    • Broaden your network across different universities in the Greater Bay Area and to enhance teamwork and leadership skills
    • Grow and transform yourselves into creative problem-solvers, effective communicators and future leaders
  3. C. Winners’ Rewards

    • Awards with prize money (per team) include:
      • Gold Medal: HK$100,000
      • Silver Medal: HK$50,000
      • Bronze Medal: HK$30,000
      • Best Cross-border FinTech Solution: HK$10,000
      • Social Impact Award: HK$10,000
    • HSBC Hub for the Future Membership
    • Networking opportunities with HSBC experts
    • Exposure in FinTech Olympiad website and press release
    • Certificate of the award
    • CityU HK Tech 300 Seed Fund: Green Channel Interview Entry1
    • ASTRI FinTech Future Leader Academy / Summer Internship2
  4. D. Eligibility

    • Current post-secondary students or recent graduates within 3 years from all disciplines
      Students can participate as an individual or as a team of 2 to 6 people (at least one from GBA)
    • One student can participate in only one team
    • Team representation: each team must nominate one representative academic institution in GBA if any of the team members are from different academic institutions.
    • One team can submit only one project
    • The project must be related to financial technology
  5. E. Judging Criteria

    (1) Problem solver [25%]
    1. Desirability: Unique value proposition: concise, straight-to-the-point statement about the benefits you offer your target customers / beneficiaries. How the product or service can satisfy people’s desire
    2. Viability: Can the product or service become a sustainable business? What has to be true for this business to work? What are the costs? How to pay for it?
    3. Feasibility: Can the product / service be developed, in terms of technical constraints, financial constraints, operational capabilities, estimated time-to-market, etc
    (2) Changemaker [25%]
    1. Who are the target beneficiaries
    2. What contributions to the community / beneficiaries
    3. Short term and long term impact, that may facilitate to make a better world
    (3) Innovator [20%]
    1. Creativity, in terms of the product or service itself, and/or how the product or service solve the problem in a creative / disruptive way
    2. Technology: effective and efficient adoption of financial technology to address the pain point and to solve the problem
    (4) Thinker [15%]
    1. Identification of pain point/problem
    2. Who are the key stakeholders and their concern
    3. Assessment of competition / substitution and suggestions to deal with it
    4. Consideration & management of risks; regulatory & other factors
    (5) Leader & Communicator [15%]
    1. Passion, ambition, vision of the team
    2. Team’s capability and expertise in developing the solution
    3. Ability to leverage external network / resources
    4. Presentation and communication skills
  6. F. Competition Arrangements

    1. Proposal submission
      1. Competition teams should submit their proposals online, including:
        1. Presentation (suggested 15-20 slides) to introduce the project, which can demonstrate teams’ capabilities per the judging criteria
        2. All materials should be in English language
    2. Screening
      1. The screening will be processed by the organiser
      2. Qualified teams (about 20 teams) will be shortlisted to the final round
    3. Mentorship for finalists
      1. Finalists will meet mentor(s) to seek professional advice
      2. Format: hybrid (face to face in CityU for local teams; online for non-local teams, subject to pandemic situation)
      3. Mentors' background: experienced business leaders and FinTech experts
    4. Final Competition
      1. Each finalist team will be given 5-10 minutes to present their ideas, followed by Q&A session by the judging panel
      2. All pitching sessions will be recorded (and/or publicly released online)
      3. Each finalist team will be given a booth to showcase their projects (tentative)
      4. Judges will evaluate finalist teams and result will be announced on the same day
      5. Final competition will be held in hybrid mode (face to face in CityU for local teams; online for non-local teams, subject to pandemic situation)
      6. Language: English
  7. G. Judges

    • Experienced business leaders & FinTech experts
    • Academic professionals
  8. H. Enquiries



  1. Winners will be entitled to a Green Channel Interview Entry (conditional *) of "HK Tech 300 Seed Fund" by the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). The awardee could receive up to HK$100,000 in funding and other support from the program (details) after passing through the interview with HK Tech 300. The conditional offer will be: either one of the startup's founders is associated with CityU, such as student/alumni/research assistant; or The team could identify at least one CityU's intellectual property (IP) for evaluation if there is no associated founder (details).
  2. ASTRI internship opportunity will be offered to 3-6 students (on individual basis not team basis), final decision subject to selection by ASTRI committee. Students will gain invaluable R&D hands-on experience in one of ASTRI’s six core areas, including Smart City, Financial Technologies, Reindustrialisation and Intelligent Manufacturing, Digital Health, Application Specific Integrated Circuits and Metaverse. They will have the chance to partner with ASTRI’s senior management and work alongside professionals to dive deep into the I&T process and technology development, participating in R&D projects that employ Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Digital Asset, 5G and IoT, etc., to maximise value and impact. [details: Summer internship, FinTech Future Academy internship]

Updated 12/4/2023