Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

Programme Fees (2017/18)

Local Students
Tuition Fee: HK$120,000 per annum

Non-local Students (Mainland and International Students)
Tuition Fee: HK$120,000 per annum

BVM Scholarships for Local and Non-local Students (2017 Entry)

Three types of scholarships are available to high achieving BVM students:

  • Top Level Scholarships of HK$160,000 annually covering the (i) annual tuition fee and (ii) partial living expenses.
  • Level One Scholarships worth one year’s full tuition fee, i.e. HK$120,000 annually;
  • Level Two Scholarships worth HK$77,900 towards one year’s tuition fee

No application for the scholarship is required. Successful applicants for entry into the BVM programme will be notified at the time of the offer of admission into the BVM if a scholarship has been awarded.

High achieving BVM non-local students (Mainland and International Students) will at least be awarded the Level One Scholarship.

The Scholarship is automatically renewed throughout the normal duration of study for the students who have achieved a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at 3.2 or above by the end of Semester B each year.

University-managed Accommodation

For details of application to University-managed accommodation, please visit the Student Residence Office’s website at


CityU College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences is engaged in a process with the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council leading towards international accreditation of the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. Graduates of accredited schools are expected to be eligible to work as veterinarians in the jurisdictions that recognise this particular accrediting authority.

China's Ministry of Agriculture will allow veterinary graduates who are Chinese nationals and are registered in Hong Kong or Macau to sit the Chinese National Veterinary Licensing Examination.