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汪建平博士 Dr. Jianping WANG

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汪建平: 女,副教授,现任香港城市大学多媒体软件工程研究中心副主任(External Affairs)。2003年, 于美国德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校计算机科学系获博士学位。1999年及1996年,于南开大学计算机科学系分 别获硕士及本科学位。2012年7月至今,于香港城市大学电脑科学系担任副教授。2007年至2012年6月,香港 城市大学电脑科学系助理教授。2006年至2007年,美国密西西比大学助理教授。2003年至2006年,美国乔治 亚南方大学助理教授。

她的研究兴趣包括可靠互联网,云计算,光网络,面向服务的网络,数据中心网络,集成光纤的无线网络,以及网络编码。 她的研究获得过国家自然科学基金委员会(NSFC),美国国家科学基金会(NSF),香港研究资助局优配(前CERG)基金,谷歌和华为的支持。 她目前担任IEEE通信 快报的副主编和威利安全与通信网杂志(SCN)的副主编。


• 精通有关计算机网络、传感器网络、面向服务的网络及基于网络的服务等多个领域。
• 科学研究与工程技术开发获得广泛资助。
• 与工商业科技研究开发活动有活跃的联系。

成就及荣誉(Achievements & Professional Services)

• Associate Editor,IEEE Communication Letters
•Wiley's Security and Communication Networks (SCN) Journal副主编(Associate Editor)
• Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
• Associate Editor, Optical Switching and Networking
• Co-guest Editor, IEEE Network special issue on Information-Centric Networking Beyond Baseline Scenarios: Research Advances and Implementation
• Co-Area associate editor, JSAC special issue on Emerging Technologies in Communications, Area 7: Fiber and Wireless Integration
• Co-guest editor, OSN special issue on Resilient Virtual Infrastructure Design and Recovery
• Symposium Chair, Globecom 2014, Optical Networking and System Symposium

研究项目(Research Projects)

• “Strategic Virtual Machine Provisioning to Reduce the Risk of Information Leakage in Clouds”, GRF, Project duration: Jan. 2014 to Dec. 2016, Amount: HK$836,450.
• “Dynamic Re-provisioning of Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) in Cloud Data Centers”, GRF, Project Duration: July 2012 – June 2015, Amount: HK$500,000.“Research on Theory and Key Technologies of Network Virtualization Oriented Progressive Repair and Joint Restoration”, NSFC, Project Duration: Jan. 2013-Dec. 2016, Amount: RMB$820,000.
• “Research on Content-Centric Networks”, Huawei Technologies Ltd., Project Duration: March 2012 – Feb. 2013, Amount: HK$937,000.
• “Disaster Resilience and Availability Prediction (DRAP) for Clouds”, Google Research Award, Project Duration: Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2012, Amount: HK249,600.
• “Next Generation Optical Access Networks Supporting VoD Services”, Open project from State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Project duration: Jan. 2010-Dec. 2011, Amount: RMB$100,000.
• “Network Throughput Enhancement in Integrated Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Networks”, CityU SRG, Project duration: April 2009-March 2011, Amount: HK$166,565.
• “Service-oriented Light-trail Systems in WDM Optical Networks”, CityU SRG, Project duration: April 2008-March 2010, Amount: HK$179,480.
• “Dependable Service Composition in Service-Oriented Wireless Ad Hoc/Sensor Networks”, HK RGC CERG, Project duration: Sept. 2007-Feb. 2010, Amount: HK$405,244.
• “NeTS-NR Collaborative Research: Multi-Layer Dual-Homing Survivability for the Next-Generation Internet”, US NSF, CNS-0435095, Project duration: Sept. 2004-August 2007, Amount: US$148,000.

代表性论著(Representative Publications)

  • ·Z. Zheng, M. Li, X. Xiao, J. Wang, “Coordinated resource provisioning and maintenance scheduling in cloud data centers”, IEEE Infocom mini-conference, 2013.
  • ·Xiumin Wang, Jianping Wang, Kejie Lu, and Yinlong Xu, “GKAR: A Novel Geographic K-Anycast Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks”, to appear in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2012.
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  • ·Jianping Wang, “Progressive Network Recovery”, US, Application No. 20130227334.