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• Reader-Oriented Sentiment Topic Models for Social Emotion Detection
• 社交网络中基于短文本的事件检测与分析理论及关键技术研究
• IP網絡誤配置誤狀態檢測自動化合作項目
• 无线智能车载服务系统与产品的研发与产业化
• 基于工作流的农副产品质量安全检测平台
• 可信数字出版多媒体服务平台与应用(中国科技部与以色列科技部合作项目)
• Interactive Sensory Program for Affective Learning (InSPAL) - Using SMART Ambience Environment to Establish Basic Generic Skills for SEN Students
• Building a Back-Propagation Model Network with Application to Expert System
• Pattern Recognition and Reconstruction of the Diffusion Pattern of Lipiodol-Doxorubicin a Cytotoxic Drug in Chemotherapy of liver Tumour
• Craniofacial Surgical Planning based on Projected Images
• Reasoning with Visual Evidence in Machine Vision
• A Document Management System for Garment Industry