Hong Kong

Discover Hong Kong through this resource-rich website www.discoverhongkong.com from the Hong Kong Tourism Board. It contains highlights of attractions and useful tips for tourists. Below is some extracted information for your convenience.


Please click here to view the digital map of Hong Kong.

Time Zone

GMT +8 hours

Voltage & Plug Type

220 volts AC, 50Hz Socket Type


The legal tender is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). Credit cards are accepted in major hotels as well as shopping malls. The exchange rate is USD1.00 ≈ HKD7.80.


Unlike travel to Mainland China, travel to Hong Kong for visits of less than three months is visa-free for most nationalities. Separate entry permit is required for travel from Hong Kong to Mainland China and/or to Macau. Please click here to view the visa requirements from the Immigration Department.


Hong Kong has a subtropical climate with autumn from late September to November and temperature range from 19 to 28¢XC. Please click here to view the latest weather forecast.

Octopus Card

An electronic fare card that is accepted by almost all forms of public transport, and at many fast food chains and stores. It's easy and convenient to use, save time and eliminates the need for small change. Please click here for details.

Useful Links

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Last update: 17 September 2013