Important notes for CREATE! users

Online reservation of CREATE! service is unavailable (except 3D Printing). Please contact our staff at the IT Help Desk for assistance upon your arrival. In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, the CREATE! room can accommodate a maximum of 4 persons at a time only. Hence, we may allow the core user who made the reservation for entrance only.


Friends of the Library

As a university library our primary focus has always been on closely supporting the teaching and learning activities of the City University of Hong Kong. However, non-CityU members who meet the following requirements may be considered to be members of the “Friends of the Library”.

(1) Secondary School Members *
Requirements: The applying school must be a non-profit making educational institution (supporting document(s) must be provided). Only teachers of the secondary school can avail this service.
Fees: HK$1,000 per annum (No borrowing privilege)
(2) Ordinary Members *
Requirements: Applicant shall demonstrate that he or she has genuine academic research needs to use CityU Library. Supporting documents, including a written description of the research and a recommendation letter (with signature and official stamp) issued by the affiliating university, are required. The applicant shall also specify the kind(s) of information/resources that he or she wishes to use at CityU library and that he or she must demonstrate that such information/resources are unique to CityU Library and cannot be obtained elsewhere.
Fees: HK$3,000 per annum (No borrowing privilege)
  HK$5,000 per annum
Borrowing privilege: 10 items for 30 days
(3) Corporate Members *
Requirements: The applying organization must specify the kind(s) of information/resources that it wishes to use at CityU library.
Fees: HK$12,000 per annum
Borrowing privilege: 40 items for 30 days
(4) Senior Citizens (aged 60 or above) *
Requirements: Same as that of Ordinary Members (see above)
Fees: HK$2,000 per annum
Borrowing privilege: 10 items for 30 days

* These services are currently under review. New applications will not be considered for the time being until further notice.

Members by Invitation Only
(A) Honorary Members
  • Substantial donation, in cash or kind
  • Borrowing privilege: 10 items for 30 days
(B) Courtesy Members
  • Compliment of the City University of Hong Kong
  • Borrowing privilege: 10 items for 30 days

Kindly note that, the Library reserves the right not to offer Friends of the Library membership to an individual based on his/her past conduct in the Library. For details, please refer to Review Procedures for Applications of Library Services by Alumni and Non-CityU Members.
For enquiries, email to