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New Titles List for: Technology. Engineering

Last updated: 6 Jun 2017

Call Number Title
TA401 Materials chemistry [electronic resource].
[Genova] : CENFOR, s.r.l., 1976-1982.
TA401 Materials in engineering [electronic resource].
Reigate : Scientific and Technical Pr.
TA401 Materials science and engineering [electronic resource].
Lausanne, Switzerland : Elsevier Sequoia, 1966-1988.
TA401 Materials science reports [electronic resource].
Amsterdam : North-Holland-Amsterdam, c1986-1993.
TN600 Progress in metal physics [electronic resource].
London : Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1949-1959.
TN690 Metallography [electronic resource].
New York : American Elsevier Pub.
TP156.P6 Reactive polymers, ion exchangers, sorbents.
Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1982-©1988.
TP248.2 .E86 2017 The ethics of biotechnology / edited by Gaymon Bennett.