Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Department of Building and Construction

1999-2000 (Hardcopy only)
2000-2001 (Hardcopy only)
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2002-2003 (Hardcopy only)

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CityU Student Final Year Projects

Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Building and Construction (1999-2000) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Air Quality in Car Park Spaces in Hong Kong Siu Yuk ChongD-BS-0009
Airpath Noise Assessment Ngai Kin CheungD-BS-0010
Analysis on Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme Chin Hiu Yin, JenniferD-BS-0012
Analysis on the Methods to Reduce the Sewage Problem in Hong Kong Pang Ling HangD-BS-0075
Application of Genetic Algorithm: the Optimal Placement of Actuators in a Building under Earthquake Excitation Yang Yin Li, EuniceD-BS-0076
Application of Information Technology: Case-based Reasoning in Construction Dispute Resolution Yeung Chung Kei, StephenD-BS-0077
Application of Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis on Tiles Tang Chi Hang, FrankieD-BS-0030
Application of PERT Method on Cash Flow Forecasting Yeung Chi ChuenD-BS-0011
Application of Reliability in the Construction Industry Lai Wai ChiD-BS-0078
Application of Simulation in the Construction Industry Wong Wai LingD-BS-0079
Assessment of Facilities Management in Public Hospitals in Hong Kong Mung Kei SingD-BS-0041
Attitude Measures of Partnering in Hong Kong Wong Hau TengD-BS-0080
Bonding Activity of Silica Fume Concrete under Different Curing Regimes Chung Wai Ying, VivienD-BS-0013
BOT Model for Infrastructure in PRC Wong Ying Wah, AlbertD-BS-0081
Building Maintenance Management - Appraisal of Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Hong Kong Housing Department Tang Wing HungD-BS-0042
Building Maintenance Management in Hong Kong Housing Society Wong Chi PanD-BS-0043
Case Studies in Taikoo Shing - Refurbishment and Adaptation in Hong Kong Choi Sze LokD-BS-0044
Comparative Study of Quality Management of Private and Public Sectors in Hong Kong Leung Hoi WaiD-BS-0001
Comparison on the Performance of External Reinforcement (Glass Fibre & Steel Plate) on the Damaged RC Beam Ma Po ShanD-BS-0002
Computational Study of the Effect of Change in Storey Height on Smoke Movement in Smoke Reservoirs Kwok Chun ManD-BS-0035
Computer Application on Project Planning in Hong Kong Chan Chin PangD-BS-0014
Computer Programs of Smoke Modeling Cheung Siu LuiD-BS-0082
Construction Waste Reduction & Management Cheung Siu PuiD-BS-0083
Contractor Prequalification - Financial Stability Yeung Yuk Han, JeannetteD-BS-0084
Contractor Prequalification and Financial Analysis in Construction Industry Cheung Yee ManD-BS-0085
Coping with Recession by Main Contractor in Hong Kong Lo Shu Lum, NelsonD-BS-0086
Cost Control on Construction Site in Hong Kong Yau Wai SumD-BS-0016
Development of Back to Front End for Total Information Transfer System Chiu Lai YeeD-BS-0087
Economic Analysis of Construction Law Lei Ka PioD-BS-0088
Effect of Low Addition Rates of Fibres on Mechanical Properties of Concrete in Early Age Hui Wai ChiD-BS-0031
Effect of Mix Proportions on Carbonation of Normal Weight Concrete Lee Hon ManD-BS-0056
Effect of Mix Proportions on Chloride Penetration of Normal Weight Concrete Lee Ka HingD-BS-0059
Effect of Portland Cement to Properties of Soil Poon Chon HeiD-BS-0032
Evaluation of Consultant Firm under the Existing Recession Period Yip Ka Pan, MichaelD-BS-0089
Evaluation of Information Technology in Quantity Surveying Consultant Firms Lo Sun Wah, EdwardD-BS-0090
Evaluation of Intelligent Building Design and System Wong Wing CheungD-BS-0017
Evaluation of Procurement Method on Building Maintenance Project Mak Sai Man, DerekD-BS-0071
Evaluation of Quantity Surveying Courses in Hong Kong Fung Suet YiD-BS-0072
Evaluation of Value Management in Construction Industry Wong Man ShunD-BS-0073
Evaluation: Site Layout Planning Kwan Shuk YinD-BS-0091
Factors which Affect the Design of the Shopping Centres in Hong Kong So Chi Chung, JackyD-BS-0057
Feng Shui: Fact or Fiction Yiu KongD-BS-0018
Fire Safety on Campuses Lai Po KanD-BS-0045
Genetic Algorithm Model in Optimizing Building Portfolio Management Tsang Chui Ping, MozD-BS-0092
High Strength Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Subject to High Temperature Fung Chu Kwong, JasonD-BS-0019
Impact of Implementation of the Supervision Plan System to the Hong Kong Construction Industry Hui Chun FaiD-BS-0033
Indoor Air Microbial Contamination Wong Hak KanD-BS-0046
Indoor Air Quantity Investigation in Multi-storey Car Parks Chui Chun WaD-BS-0074
Influences of Curing Methods, Water-Curing Duration and Polystyrene Aggregate Contents on Shrinkage and Compressive Strength of Polystyrene Aggregate Concrete Ko Ming Yan, FionaD-BS-0020
Investigation into the Current Trend and the Future Development of the Design of Primary School with Special Reference to Hong Kong Chow Tsz WingD-BS-0047
Investigation of Security Provision of Public Libraries with Particular Reference to the Provisional Urban Council Public Libraries in Hong Kong Ng Yu YingD-BS-0093
Investigation of the Ways to Obtain the Optimal Cash Flow in Construction Projects Wong Lee Pan, TommyD-BS-0021
Investigation of Tile Delamination Ko Hin LunD-BS-0048
Investigation on Relationship between Transportation Factors and Residential Property Price Leung Lap Tak, SimonD-BS-0094
Investigation the Implementation of ISO14000 in Hong Kong Construction Industry Lee Po LungD-BS-0095
Is Hong Kong Residential Property Market Oligopoly? Li Kai Yin, DominicD-BS-0022
Life Cycle Analysis on Different Structural Frameworks Tsang Kwong HangD-BS-0023
Life Cycle Costing Application of HVAC System in Hong Kong Office Buildings Dai Ka Yan, MichelleD-BS-0096
Life Cycle Costs Analysis for Ballasts and Lighting Control Systems in Office Building Tam Wai KamD-BS-0097
Life Cycle Energy and Life Cycle Cost Analysis on Various Glazing for the Typical Office in Hong Kong Tong Ho Kai, EricD-BS-0024
Maintenance of Fire Services Installations in Public Housing Estates Pang Chun Yin, IcarusD-BS-0049
Management of Subcontractors in Hong Kong Tam Kwok KuenD-BS-0025
Mechanical Properties of Polystyrene Aggregate Concrete Law Chi FaiD-BS-0026
Mediation Research Lam Man YiD-BS-0098
Methods of Enhancing the Performance of Steel Plate Bonded Concrete Leung Hiu Sing, IvanD-BS-0050
Model of Price Estimation on Private Residential Flats Lo Kit LingD-BS-0063
Monitoring and Management of Man-made Slope in Hong Kong Poon Siu LuiD-BS-0027
Perceptual Attitude of Architects on Priority Setting of Fire Safety Attributes for Building Maintenance Cheng Chun Wai D-BS-0051
Performance of Building Surveying Consultants under Consultant Reporting System (CRS) in Housing Department Yu Hoi Wai, DuncanD-BS-0060
Project Cost Control of Construction Contractors in Hong Kong Lee MingD-BS-0099
Project Financing in BOT Infrastructures Wong Him Yui, PeterD-BS-00100
Property Management in the Theme Mall in Hong Kong Cheung Man ToD-BS-0052
Prospect of Hong Kong QS Firms in China Chung Chun KitD-BS-00101
Quantitative Analysis of Hong Kong Private Residential Property Market and Property Prices Cheng Hing KeiD-BS-00102
Rating System for Residential Property Manager Tsang Tsz KitD-BS-0036
Risk Allocation under the Conditions of Main Contract Shea Hiu Tung, WilsonD-BS-00103
Risk Management of Conceptual Phase of Project in Hong Kong Construction Industry LeeYuk LungD-BS-0028
Scientific Analysis to Feng Shui Tsang Yuk YiuD-BS-0064
Site Security Control System Leung Siu Yu, ThomasD-BS-0029
Soil Stabilization with Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum Wong Kar WahD-BS-0053
Study of Car Park Air Quality Hui Cho Kei, JackieD-BS-0003
Study of Construction Methods for Sewer and Drain Pang Siu KaiD-BS-0065
Study of Construction Safety (Case Study) in Hong Kong Chan Ka WaiD-BS-0004
Study of Flooding Problem in the New Territories Fan Yuen PikD-BS-0037
Study of Life Cycle Costing in HVAC System for Shopping Mall Lee Yuk HongD-BS-0005
Study of Noise in Chinese Restaurants Cheng Bik YanD-BS-0066
Study of Reflected Sunlight among Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong Chao Yung, SpencerD-BS-0054
Study of Relationship between Organizational Conflict Management and Level of Satisfaction in Construction Industry Yu Kwok TungD-BS-0067
Study of Safety Culture on Construction Site in Hong Kong Lai Lai Fong, CelianD-BS-0068
Study of Safety Management in Hong Kong Construction Industry Leung King WahD-BS-0006
Study of the Relationship between Housing Attributes and the Selling Price of Residential Properties Fung Chau LokD-BS-0038
Study of the Safety Attitudes in Hong Kong’s Construction Site Cheung Chun ManD-BS-0039
Study of the Use of Reinforced Fill Structure in Hong Kong Kan Kin PuiD-BS-0007
Study on the Influence of the Satisfaction Level with the Window View in High-Rise Building Yip Hang KuenD-BS-0069
Study on View of the Building Control Officers towards the Fire Engineering Approach Sinn Ting Pekk, BetteD-BS-0040
Study to Sound Transmission through a Folding Partition Lam Hong PingD-BS-0008
Successful Bidding Strategy in Construction Industry Law Chun LuenD-BS-0055
Successful Criteria for a Quantity Surveying Firm in Hong Kong Lai Sze ManD-BS-00104
Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Contractors' Claims Cheng Wai ManD-BS-0070
Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Bars Cheung Tik Hong, CoolD-BS-0058
Towards Developing a CD-Based Hong Kong Construction Case Reference System Wong Shek SauD-BS-0061
Towards Finding a Solution of Recycling Construction Waste Chong Tam KeungD-BS-0034
Typhoon Risk Assessment for Hong Kong Chan Kwok LeungD-BS-00105
Urban Renewal in Hong Kong - the Change from Land Development Corporation to Urban Renewal Authority Chan Koon HungD-BS-0062
Wind Effect on Tall Building - Different Wind Codes' Comparison Lai Yu Yan, WinnieD-BS-00106


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Building and Construction (2000-2001) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Acoustic of Railway Lee Siu WoD-BS-0129
Acoustic Reduction in a Small Chapel in Clear Water Bay Yung Chun WaiD-BS-0130
Air Quality in Enclosed and Semi-closed Bus Terminuses, it’s Effects on Citizens and Solution to Overcome the Problem Chan Ho KuenD-BS-0131
Air Quality in Public Transport Interchange in Hong Kong Chan Wing Fai, GiraffeD-BS-0101
Analysis of Random Vibration in the Tsing Ma Bridge and the Effects on Lamps Lam Siu FungD-BS-0132
Application of Statistics on Cost Estimation Tang Kam PorD-BS-0146
Application of the Coase Theorem in the Construction Industry Cheung Kar YeeD-BS-0147
Applying Fuzzy Reasoning Technique to Construction Project Risk Analysis Hui Hon YeeD-BS-0148
Assessment of Residential Buildings in Hong Kong Yau Lok ManD-BS-0133
Barriers of IT Application in Quantity Surveying Profession Tong Chui YanD-BS-0149
Building a Web Site for Construction Industry Lam Ming Ki, JackyD-BS-0150
Building Engineer Development Lam Chuen, AndyD-BS-0103
Comparison of the Effect of Pores on Air Permeability Cheung Man Kei, CiroD-BS-0104
Complete Stress-strain Curve for High Strength Concrete Ng Kwok Ho, SteveD-BS-0105
Computer Application in Construction Industry - a Survey and a Case Study Lo Yuk HangD-BS-0106
Computer Program for the Prediction of Space Frame Temperature Rise During Fire Chan Man Pui, RonD-BS-0123
Construction Computerized Negotiation (CONego) Yiu Tak Wing ,KennethD-BS-0151
Corrosion of Different Types of Steel Bars in Uncracked Concrete Wong WingD-BS-0107
Cost Planning Technique - a New Approach to Optimization Wong Po YiD-BS-0152
Customer Satisfaction Index of Construction Organizations of Hong Kong Lau Chin TingD-BS-0153
Determine the Daylight Factor and Possible Saving Electricity in Classroom (5 Floor) at City University of Hong Kong Law Wai ShingD-BS-0108
Development of Internet-based Construction Information Management System (ICIMS) Wong Yin ShanD-BS-0154
Development of User Guide for CFD Package: Fire3Din Lo Chi ManD-BS-0134
Development of Web-based Information System for Building Construction (Search Engine & Database) Hsu Mung Yu, JackalD-BS-0109
Durability of High Performance Concrete (HPC) after being Subjected to High Temperature Fung Kit Kong, KenD-BS-0135
Effect of PFA Concrete on Compressive Strength and Setting Time of Concrete Lam Yick HeiD-BS-0119
Effect of Prehydration of Cement on Strength Development to Fly Ash Concrete Chan Chun KitD-BS-0120
Evaluating the Building Intelligence of University Campuses in Hong Kong Lau Ka ChungD-BS-0110
Evaluation and Appraisal of the Development of Public Housing Estates in Tin Shui Wai Li Kwan LokD-BS-0136
Evaluation of Bidding Strategy in Contractor Firms - Development of Fuzzy Programme Lam Mo KokD-BS-0155
Evaluation of Contract Documentation Ma Wing HangD-BS-0156
Evaluation of Fire Services Installations System in the Existing Commercial Type of Buildings Leung Hing LingD-BS-0137
Evaluation of the Public Awareness and Implementation of the Building Safety Inspection Scheme and the Building Safety Improvement Loan Scheme Chan Po Ha, PurpleD-BS-0138
Evaluation the Maintenance Management in Tenants Purchase Scheme Estates Man Ngai YinD-BS-0139
Expert System for Construction Dispute Resolution - the CDR-Expert Project Wong Wei KeiD-BS-0157
Expert System in Personnel Management in the Construction Industry (a Psychological & Structural Approach) Chan Tat Shing, HenryD-BS-0158
Factors in the Design of the External Architecture of High-rise Commercial Building in Hong Kong Wu Chun FaiD-BS-0140
Feng Shui – Expert System for Ba-Gua Fong Chak ManD-BS-0159
Fibre-reinforced Concrete with Expanding Agent Lui Kin Yan, ChrisD-BS-0111
Fire Scenarios in Sample Karaoke in Hong Kong Hon Chau MingD-BS-0160
Green Town Wong Tai Wai, DavidD-BS-0161
Implementation of ISO9000 for Quantity Surveying Practice in Hong Kong Tong Yat KaiD-BS-0162
Implementation of Web-based Construction Education in Hong Kong Universities Chan GarryD-BS-0174
Influence of High Temperature Curing on the Compressive, Tensile and Flexural Strength of Silica Fume Concrete Chan MingD-BS-0145
Influence of Project Type and Procurement Method on Rework Costs in Construction Projects Chan Yiu ManD-BS-0175
Intelligent Building Design Based on Chinese Culture Zho Cu XiaD-BS-0112
Investigation of Drainage and Flooding Preventive Systems in New Territories Chan Kwok LeungD-BS-0141
Investigation of the Bidding Strategies Adopted by Hong Kong Contractors for Public Sector Works Yeung Chi Wai, JanasD-BS-0163
Investigation the Chloride Permeability of Concrete Affected by Silica Fume and Curing Temperature Law Chu WaD-BS-0113
IT Application in Construction Contract Management - NETCONTR@CT Tam Si HengD-BS-0102
Microstructure Study of Bamboo Sticks for Use in Construction Leung Ho ChuenD-BS-0121
Multi-Criteria Evaluation Model for Selection of Architectural Consultants Leung Fung KuenD-BS-0164
Multicriteria Problem Solving in Construction Planning Problem Chiu Wing CheongD-BS-0114
Noise Barrier and Application Cheng Mun CheongD-BS-0165
Participation in Value Management Chu Ho YanD-BS-0166
Prediction of the Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings of Hong Kong - a Comparison of Simulation Programs Chan Ka HongD-BS-0115
Professionals’ Evaluation Standards on FRC of Existing Composite Buildings Mak Chung PuiD-BS-0142
Programme Development for Fire Risk Ranking System - EasyRanking Chan Fei Pang, AdrianD-BS-0124
Project Financing Investigation Studies of Building Contractors in Hong Kong Lau Chun HangD-BS-0167
Regional Construction Cost Comparison Leung Ho CheungD-BS-0168
Re-Thinking Partnering in Construction: Good Faith and Beyond Chan Lai MiuD-BS-0169
Role of Facilator in Value Management K. M. WongD-BS-0176
Scientific Evident of Feng Shui and Its Implication Chu Ki FungD-BS-0170
Sewage Management & the Effectiveness Evaluation of Policies in Hong Kong Cheung Wing Shan, EvaD-BS-0177
Smart Card Application in Site Cost Control System Tam Ka ManD-BS-0171
Statistics on Web Sites of Construction Industry Cheung Man FaiD-BS-0144
Structural Design, Modelling and Analysis of the ‘Door-Type’ Modular Falsework System Lo Tin ChiD-BS-0116
Structural Dynamics Properties of Tall Building Natural Periods Lam Yin LingD-BS-0172
Study of Home Office in Hong Kong Wong Wing ManD-BS-0125
Study of Satisfaction of Residents to Building Management in Private Housing Estates Lui Wai Yeung, AnthonyD-BS-0126
Study of Surface Adhesion of Tiles Chan Wai KinD-BS-0118
Study on Facade Designs of Commercial Buildings in Hong Kong Lam Ka HouD-BS-0117
Study on Facade Designs of Residential Buildings in Hong Kong Leung Wing KaiD-BS-0143
Study on the Effects of External Obstructions to Daylighting Performance in Residential Buildings Fok Wing HongD-BS-0127
Study on the Microstructure of Fire Damaged High Performance Concrete (HPC with PFA) Using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Fung Cheuk KanD-BS-0128
Teaching and Learning Styles of Construction Education in Hong Kong Li Yin KnanD-BS-0173
Values of Facilities Management in University Kwok Lai LanD-BS-0178
Workers Motivation in the Construction Industry - the Hierarchical Approach Choi Chi TakD-BS-0122


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Building and Construction (2001-2002) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Acoustic Impact to Adjacent Buildings Kwok Chuen HoD-BS-0246
Analysis of the Difficulties in Applying the Green Building Concept in Residential Building Ngan Man HoD-BS-0247
Analysis of the Difficulties in Tackling Unauthorized Building Works of Old Private Residential Buildings Cheung Ka Ki, KathyD-BS-0248
Application of ELECTRE III Method on Selecting Equipment and Materials in Construction Project Lau Chun TungD-BS-0249
Application of Smart Card in Private Residential Building Leung Tak FaiD-BS-0250
Application of the Learning and Forgetting Curve on Construction Project Planning Ko Kwok Kuen D-BS-0202
Axi-symmetric Vibration Analysis of Isotropic Annular Shells and Columns Poon Chun KinD-BS-0251
Bond Strength between Tile and Lightweight Concrete Shum Wai Kit, RoyD-BS-0225
Buckling Analysis of Column Ng Sheung WaiD-BS-0204
Cable-stayed Bridge Vibration Control Based on SMA Law Lai LinD-BS-0240
Case-based Reasoning Approach to Construction Dispute Resolution - the CDRe Project Au Yeung FungD-BS-0252
Classification System for On-site Activities Control Leung Shuk ChingD-BS-0253
Commitment for Maximising Project Success Underpinning Value Management Concept Cheung Chun KitD-BS-0254
Comparison of the Predictability of Different Ann Models to Construction Site Mechanical Plants Tse LingD-BS-0255
Competitive Advantages of Local and Foreign Contractors in Hong Kong Civil Engineering Industry Lai Tsz KingD-BS-0256
Crime Prevention Design of Hong Kong Estate Housing Pang Ka YanD-BS-0257
Cross-cultural Stereotypes in Construction Industry of Hong Kong and Mainland China Chen Ka MinD-BS-0258
Defects and Maintenance of Buildings Tam Siu TakD-BS-0226
Designing for the Disabled in School Yeung Chung KanD-BS-0227
Development a Cognitive Stree-Preformance Model for Estimators Lam Ching YanD-BS-0259
Development of a Multi-media Package on Lightweight Concrete Kung Wai HungD-BS-0205
Development of Cost Models for Early Design Stage Estimation by Regression Analysis Chan Wai HungD-BS-0260
Development of Systematic Approach for Ergonomics Office Design Leung Hon ManD-BS-0261
Effects of FM on Hospital Poon Wing YanD-BS-0262
Facilities Management in Hong Kong Single Staircase Blocks Leung Ka Wai, KelvinD-BS-0228
Facility Management (Space) in Hong Kong Supermarkets Wong Kai WahD-BS-0229
Feedback Impact on Learning Ho Yuen ShanD-BS-0263
Feng Shui the Flying Stars Chan Chi YungD-BS-0230
Feng Shui Theories and its Impact to the Real Estate and Construction Industry Bok Tak ChoiD-BS-0264
Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Woven Composite Fabrics Wong Man PingD-BS-0231
Fuzzy Relation Based Evaluation Model for Customer Satisfaction Wu Sau WingD-BS-0265
Galvanic Corrosion Reaction of Aluminum Alloy and Galvanized Steel in Acidic / Alkaline Condition Chan Chun KitD-BS-0206
GPS and Local Construction Industry Wong Wai KinD-BS-0207
Green Buildings Yang Yat SumD-BS-0232
Human Behaviour in Fires towards Exit Signs Kwong Wing KamD-BS-0233
Implementing Intelligent Concept for Residential Buildings in Hong Kong Lau Pik KiD-BS-0266
Implications of Cost to Rent Ratio in Shops Ho Ka YanD-BS-0267
Impossibility Claims Wong Yuen MeiD-BS-0268
Improving the Effectiveness of Value Management Workshop Ip RonD-BS-0269
Influence of Residential and Commercial Composite Building in Hong Kong Property Market Chong Hon WaiD-BS-0234
Intelligent Building (Wireless LAN in Buildings) Pak Chun HungD-BS-0270
Intelligent Structure Vibration Control Based on Shape Memory Alloy Wan King Shun, ClintonD-BS-0208
Is there a Law of Compromise? Hui Pui ShanD-BS-0271
Joint Ventures in Hong Kong Construction Industry in 21st Century Chan Sai ChungD-BS-0272
Macro and Micro Properties Investigation of High Strength Concrete after Elevated Temperature Chau Yuen HanD-BS-0209
Man-made Slope - Currant Practice in Hong Kong Chan Pak CheongD-BS-0220
Manual of Renovation in Shopping Malls Au Pui YuD-BS-0201
Mechanical Properties of Lightweight Polystyrene Aggregate Concrete Ip Chi HangD-BS-0210
Motivation of Workers in the Construction Industry Chui Po Wing, BaldwinD-BS-0211
Multi-project cash flow optimization C.M. Tang, Llewellyn D-BS-0212
Optimal Internal Support Location of a Beam with an Internal Hinge Ku Ka FaiD-BS-0221
Parametric Identification of Bridge-like Structure Using Dynamic Method Wong Chun PongD-BS-0235
Porosity Study of Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate Concrete by Fluorescence Microscopy Leung Wai ManD-BS-0213
Practice of Decision Model in Dispute Resolution Ho Ka Mei, CoraD-BS-0278
Project Management of Refurbishment of Educational Building Tang Ying KitD-BS-0236
Pullout Behaviour of Concrete Cylinders with a New Splice Arrangement Fung Tak SuenD-BS-0237
Quality Control of Reinforced Concrete Structure On Site Practice in Hong Kong So Wai HeiD-BS-0214
Quality Performance of Property Management in Hong Kong Shopping Centre Ip Pui Leung, HermanD-BS-0241
Risk Management in Hong Kong Construction Industry: in Contractors' View Chan Shun YeeD-BS-0215
Role of Facilities Management in Case of Fire Kwong Siu MingD-BS-0238
Role of Project Managers for Private Development in Hong Kong Lam Wai ManD-BS-0242
Single Compartment Smoke Model for Buildings Lai Fung YanD-BS-0222
Slope Studies in Hong Kong Fan Yu HinD-BS-0239
Sound Absorption Performance of Steel Panel Lee Shun ChiD-BS-0216
Stability and Buckling of Cylindrical Shell and Column Leung Kin SangD-BS-0273
Statistical and Comparison Analysis on Extreme Wind Speed in Hong Kong Koon Wai ManD-BS-0274
Steel Connection (Joist-to-Joist) Lee Tin ChiD-BS-0217
Structural Mechanics Chi Pon ChorD-BS-0218
Study of Construction Labour Force Kwan Chi WaiD-BS-0275
Study of Financial Stability Criteria in Contractor Prequalification Tsui Sze ManD-BS-0245
Study of Optimal Renovation Cycle - the Relationship Between Rental Income and Rental Period Poon Hoi Yin, DuncanD-BS-0280
Study of Safety Cultural Divergences in Construction Firms in / between Hong Kong and China Man Siu KuenD-BS-0223
Study of Unauthorized Building Works Mo Kai WingD-BS-0224
Study on Daylight Levels in Different Kind of Public Housings in Hong Kong Cheng Yim HaD-BS-0276
Study on Methods of Calculating Optimal Renovation Cycle Fung Lai HungD-BS-0277
Studying the Risk Management of Public Housing Projects in Hong Kong Particularly in Financial Aspect Chui YuenD-BS-0219
Using the Superiority and Inferiority Ranking Method to Solve Equipment Selection Problems in Construction Projects Wong Yuk WaiD-BS-0282
Visual Effect of Glass Door on Evacuee's Wayfinding Process Chan Lok KimD-BS-0243
Waste Management by Re-engineering Concept Ngai Chi HangD-BS-0281
Wayfinding Responses towards Lighting and Colours Tsang Kwai YuD-BS-0244


Undergraduate Final Year Projects of Department of Building and Construction (2002-2003) - By Title

Project Title Student Name Record No.
Anlysis of Hong Kong Private Housing Prices with the Catastrophe Model CHOW, Hon Fat BSc0342
Applicability of Hong Kong Environmental Assessment Method for New Residential Buildings (Version 3/99) LO, Chun Chin KevinBSc0311
Application of Logistic Regression Model in Property Selection CHAN, Hiu Wah BSc0336
Appraisal on the Predictability of Grey Model to Construction Related Time Series CHENG, Hong Ling BSc0302
Automated Partnering Performance Monitoring System - Partnering Temperature Index (PTI) Automation Suite CHEUNG, Kwok Wai KevinBSc0341
Bond Evaluation of GFRP Bar in PAC, NSC & HPC by Using Direct Pullout Test and Beam Pullout Test CHAN, Sui Ki PhilleoBSc0301
Cement Treated Soil for Disposal CHAN, Chi Hong EricBSc0322
Column Buckling of Reinforced Bamboo Members - Mao Jue POON, Shu Kei BSc0330
Comparison between Simplified Formulas and Nonlinear Analysis for Calculating Critical Load of Modular Falsework System YEUNG, Ngai Hung MaggieBSc0334
Comparison of the Code of Practice on Wind Effects Hong Kong (1983 Edition & 2002 Draft Edition) LIE, Fung Yu FannyBSc0310
Compressive Strength Capacity of Kao Jue Culm Reinforced with Steel Tube LEE, Ka Ho VincentBSc0327
Conflict Management and Professionlism in Construction Industry HA, Wang Wai BSc0344
Construction Safety: A Study of the Effectiveness of Posters in Safety Promotion FUNG, Man KiBSc0304
Cost Study on Applying Powerline Communication System Inside Public Hospitals HUI, Pak Hung BSc0306
Customer Oriented Approach to Study Kitchen Requirements for Private Housing MAN, Tai Loi BSc0349
Development of a Computer Program to Enable Eligenvalues of Tapered Member to be Studied Parametically PANG, Shing Yik BSc0312
Development of a Smoke Simulation Package - Smokyhazard for a Single Compartment Fire YEUNG, Ka Man BSc0318
Development of an Automatic Work Order Process System for Housing Authority Job of Maintenance Contractors HSU, Po Lai BSc0346
Development of Cost Models for Structural Works Estimate for Hong Kong Residential Projects FOK, King Chi BSc0343
Development of Simple Connections for Timber Planks Used in Bamboo Scaffolding Systems AU, Yu Yan DennyBSc0321
Discovering Building (Planning) Regulations Towards Sustainable Building Design in Hong Kong YAN, Man Chi RobinBSc0315
Durability of Pozzolanic Concretes under Elevated Temperatures LI, Wing Yan BSc0309
Dynamic Life Cysle Costing Software Package for Schools CHAN, Wing Yiu BSc0340
Earthwork Planning by the Application of Extenics WONG, Wai Lam BSc0333
Effectiveness of Auditory Fire Warning Signals CHOI, Wai Yee BSc0303
Effectiveness of Using Infrared Thermography Camera TSANG, Chin Fan BSc0313
Evaluation of Housing Policy for Elderly in Hong Kong : In Built Environment Perspective CHAN, Lut Ying MichelleBSc0339
Examining the Effectiveness of Environmental Performance Assessment at the Operational Level HO, Chung Man BSc0345
Experimental Investigation on the Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Steel Rebars and GFRP Rods CHAN, Sze Kin BSc0324
Flexural Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams in GFRP with Different Surface Treatments NG, Yu To BSc0329
Flexural Behaviours of NSM GFRP Reinforced PAC AU, Ming Yin BSc0320
Fundamental Study of Fracture Grouting LEE, Yat Sun BSc0328
High Performance Concrete Made with Metakaolin & Polypropylene Fiber under Elevated Temperature KWOK, Shuk Ming BSc0308
Inspection of Illegal Rooftop Structures KWAN, Yu Kit BSc0307
Load-deflection Modelling of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beams YAU, Ka Lok BSc0316
Measurement of Building Price Forecasting Accuracy at Design Stage CHAN, Koon Sze BSc0337
Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Normal Weight and Lightweight Concrete YIU, Sze Wing BSc0335
Multidimensional Approach to the Study of Coping Behaviors of Estimators WONG, Mei Ki BSc0350
Predicting Contractor Performance: a Fuzzy Neural Network Approach WU, Wai Yin BSc0351
Prequalification of Consultant Using Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System KAN, Pui Sze PattyBSc0326
Soil Nailing Analysis Using Limit Equilibrium Method and Finite Element Method CHAN, Kung Wing BSc0323
Study of Construction Labour Force in Job Satisfaction LEUNG, Chi Wai TonyBSc0348
Study of Elevator Performance at High-rise Building on a Particular Emergency Strategic HONG, Tat Hung PatrickBSc0305
Study of the Application of Hydrofracture Grouting CHUNG, Shing Hung BSc0325
Study of the Green Construction Assessment and Its Application to the Construction Industry in Hong Kong TSUI, Wing Shum BSc0332
Study on Evacuction of Elderly Residental Centre YEUNG, Chung Yin GordonBSc0317
Study on Government's Measures in Eliminating Unauthorized Buildings Works YAM, Pui Man BSc0314
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