Special Booking Arrangement for CREATE! users

Please note that reservations of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Laser Cutting, Project Mapping, and Physical Computer Kit services cannot be made using the Booking System at the moment. To reserve, please send email to libemt@cityu.edu.hk or call us at 3442 6963, and specify your desired date and timeslot for a particular service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Guidelines for Undergraduate Final Year Projects:

How to Send Electronic Project Reports to the Library?

Before sending the electronic project reports to the Library, Departments should check Format of Electronic Project Reports on the correct format and number of files to be submitted, and How to Create an Electronic Project Report Suitable for Submission on converting to PDF files. The electronic project reports can be sent to the Library in CD-ROM format with all the PDF files on one disk. To ensure correct subsequent processing of the PDF files, an Excel file in the following format listing all the PDF files must be included on the CD-ROM:

Student Name Student Number Project Title File Name
Chan Tai Man 12345678 This is the project Title 2003eectm678.pdf
Chan Tin Ming 12345456 This is the project Title 2003eectm456.pdf
Chan To Mun 78623456 This is the project Title 2003eectm456b.pdf

If the Department would like to send the PDF files to the Library by other means (such as FTP), please contact Mr. Henry Ip (on 3442 6097 or via e-mail at cehenry@cityu.edu.hk) for separate arrangements.

If students are required to prepare the PDF files by themselves, they should confirm with their individual Colleges or Departments whether the electronic project reports should be submitted together with the hard copy project report or separately at a later time. The most common method is for each student to save his/her files for submission in a CD-ROM and submit the disc together with the printed or hard copies of the undergraduate student project to the student's own College or Department. The Library only accepts those selected project reports sent to it by the Departments, not from students directly.

The Library will only accept selected undergraduate project reports sent by the Departments. Students must not make individual direct submissions to the Library.

CityU Student Final Year Projects