Digital Special Collections

The Digital Special Collections encompass diverse and valuable materials which are useful for research and learning. The formats are diverse such as books, posters, manuscripts, photographs, Land Deeds and Leaflets. The collection covers numerous themes and disciplines such as Law, Literature, History, Economics and more.

They are classified into the following categories:

  • Chinese Rare Books Special Collection 漢古籍特藏More Information
  • English Law Special Collection 英國法律特藏More Information
  • 1911-1949 Minguo Publications 1911 至 1949 民國文獻 More Information
  • Hong Kong Publications 香港出版書刊More Information
  • Manuscripts/Letters & Correspondences 手稿/書信More Information
  • Posters/Leaflets 海報/單張 More Information
  • Photographs 照片More Information
  • Land Deeds 地契 More Information
  • Korean Classics Indexing Project Database
  • Today Literary Magazine Archives 《今天》文學雜誌檔案