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徐嘉煬先生是中國後現代水墨畫大師,也是城大的老朋友。早在九龍塘的校舍落成前,徐先生已應邀校園作畫。 過去十多年間,徐先生捐贈了超過百幅書畫給城大,其作品遍佈校園每個角落,深為師生所鍾愛;其中卅一幅作品更為圖書館所收藏。 這卅一幅作品,充分展示了徐先生對色彩的運用已到了隨心所欲的程度;而在意境上,更昇華到寫意與抽象的層次。 有徐先生的書畫相伴,在圖書館研讀,也成了一件賞心樂事。


The Tsui Kar-yeung Collection

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Mr Tsui Kar-yeung, a pioneer of post-modern Chinese art, is a good old friend of CityU. When the campus site of Kowloon Tong was still in construction, he had been invited to contribute his artworks for the then City Polytechnic. During the past decade, his paintings and calligraphy have been on display in various parts of the campus and he has given away over one hundred pieces of calligraphy and paintings to CityU, while 31 of them are in the Library. A glimpse of these 31 artworks reveals not only Mr Tsui's creative use of colour, but also his skills in expressing atmosphere and abstract ideas. His artworks have helped create a kind of ambience that patrons can enjoy while they read and study in the Library.

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