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3D Scanning

3D Scanner

3D scanner analyses a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance. The data so collected can be used to construct digital three-dimensional models. Explore and try out your new ideas using the new scanner!

The advanced desktop 3D scanner is equipped with the following features:

  • Multi-functional, Capture 3D Data Easier and Faster
  • Dual scan modes: Auto Scan and Fixed Scan
  • Wide scan range from small to large.
  • High accuracy of 0.05mm for each scan.
  • Time needed for a single scan: 4 s
  • Time needed for a 360-degree scan under auto-scan mode: 1 min
  • Max Scan Volume: 200x200x200mm (Auto Scan) or 1200x1200x1200mm (Fixed Scan)
  • Auto meshing to watertight 3D data, providing high quality 3D data for 3D printer, which can be printed by 3D printer directly
  • Provide API access service for any brand 3D printers

* For object with dark, shiny or clear surface, the scanning results may not be good. Please contact us for more information.

Eligible Users

All CityU students, staff of programmes leading to CityU awards including associate degree, bachelor's degree and postgraduate degree.

Booking Policy

  • Each scanning session last for 1 hour between 9am and 5pm from Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays).
  • Please note the booking quota of each service in CREATE!
  • You are required to show up within the first 15 minutes for the session you have booked. Your reservation will be expired and automatically cancelled after 15 minutes.
  • The check-out operation also includes the use of powerful Laptops.
  • You can reserve the scanning service three days in advance, or four days ahead if on Friday.
  • To ensure fair access to all eligible users, the facilities are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The 3D scanning process duration varies and it depends on the required scanning resolution. The Library cannot guarantee a specific scanning time, however, the user can consult the Library colleague at IT Help Desk for an estimated time.
  • The facilities are used only for lawful purposes. No one will be permitted to use the facilities to print objects that are against the law, obscene, in violation of another’s intellectual property rights.
  • All booking requests are subject to approval based on scheduling and availability. The Library reserves the right to refuse any requests for any reason.