Videocassette List:
Home Economics

Class TX Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TX147 .O743 2000
Organizing from the inside out.
TX150 .I5 1994
In a split second.
TX164 .E38 1992
Education, cooperative extension and communications careers .
TX309 .S76 1989
TX335 .C374 1997
Careers in consumer economics.
TX335 .H525 1999
Home shopping.
TX353 .H43 1986
The healthy pyramid model.
TX353 .N88 1996
Nutritive value of food.
TX354 .F66 1984
Food, food, glorious food.
TX355 .F66
Food around the world.
TX360.A78 A84 1997
Australian guide to healthy eating : the video.
TX361.A3 N88 1983
Nutrition in the later years.
TX361.A8 E63 1986
Energy food for sport.
TX361.A8 F66 1987
Food for sport.
TX361.A8 S65 2000
Sport & nutrition.
TX370 .H36 1995
Handling food safely.
TX370 .J64 1986
Johnny junkfood.
TX406 .H47 1991
Herbs and spices.
TX531 .C43 1996
The characteristics and properties of food.
TX531 .F565 1999
Food safety zone.
TX531 .F67 1996
Food borne illnesses.
TX531 .I584 1996
Introduction to food-borne illness.
TX533.A3 F66 1997
Food additives : do you know what you eat?
TX535 .B44 1993
Behind the food labels.
TX537 .F66 1991
Food safety.
TX537 .F663 1996
Food safety.
TX537 .O97 1994
Our food regulators.
TX546 .T37 1991
A Taste of health.
TX551 .F37 1988
Fast food--what's in it for you?
TX557 .I56 1985
Insoluble dietary fiber.
TX557 .M65 1985
Moisture-air-oven methods.
TX558.S8 D36 1985
Damaged starch.
TX571.P4 K53 1989
Kids and pesticides.
TX603 .C36 1993
Canning at Ardmona.
TX656 .S63 1993
Small utensils for the kitchen.
TX657.C47 C45 1990z
TX719 .F73 1992
The French kitchen.
TX723 .B84 1990
All about pasta : the art of classic Italian pasta preparation by the master of Italian cooking.
TX723 .I83 1992
The Italian kitchen.
TX723 .P378 1995
A pasta buffet.
TX723.5.G7 F66 1992
Foods from Greece.
TX723.5.P6 P65 1992
The Polish kitchen.
TX723.5.S7 S63 1992
The Spanish kitchen.
TX724 .J49 1994
The Jewish nosher.
TX724.5.C5 C55 1992
The Chinese kitchen.
TX724.5.C5 M36 1990
TX724.5.I4 I43 1984
Indian cooking : Parsi style.
TX724.5.I4 T37 1993
A taste of India. Volume 2.
TX724.5.J3 J36 1985
Japanese cooking.
TX724.5.J3 J37 1992
The Japanese kitchen.
TX724.5.J3 S87 1994
Sushi at home.
TX725.A1 D57 1992
Dishes of Africa.
TX735 .N495 1995
New ideas for brunch.
TX740.F478 F47 1995
Festive salads.
TX745 .E34 1995
Egg cookery.
TX749 .C66 2001
Cooking basics. Meat.
TX749 .P74 1990
Preparing meat.
TX750 .S45 1990
Selecting, storing & preparing poultry.
TX765 .F82 1999
Fundamentals of baking yeast leavened products.
TX769 .B35 2001
Baking basics. Yeast breads.
TX769 .B73 1996
Bread decorating.
TX769 .F74 1996
French bread and hard rolls.
TX769 .V37 1996
Variety dinner rolls and buns.
TX769 .W55 1996
White pan bread.
TX770.P58 C66 2001
Cooking basics. Pizza.
TX771 .C66 1988
Cookies, cakes and pies.
TX771.2 .B37 2000
Basic professional cake decorating : Volume 1-2.
TX791 .C66 1994
Confectioners at work.
TX795 .I24 1994
Ice cream : from cow to cone.
TX801 .S45 1995
Selecting and storing fruits & vegetables.
TX805 .G48 1998
Get pickling! : the art and craft of pickle-making.
TX805 .P83 1998
Pickling around the world : the art and craft of pickle -making.
TX817.C6 A78 1995
The art of coffee.
TX840.B3 B365 1997
Barbecue banquets.
TX871 .T33 2000
Table settings : banquets to barbecues.
TX910.5.K76 R39 1993
Ray Kroc : the man behind McDonald's.
TX910.5.T56 D38 1998
Dave Thomas : made to order.
TX911 .C38 1990
Catering skills : a training video using comercial concepts.
TX911.3.M27 M53 1985
Microcomputers in the hotel and catering industry.
TX911.3.S24 K573 1995
Kitchen safety essentials.
TX945.5.K46 C656 1998
Colonel Sanders : America's chicken king.
TX945.5.M33 I574 2000
International business : McDonald's.