Videocassette List:
Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics

Class TL Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TL22 .T46 1993
The ten greatest American cars of the 20th century.
TL152.6 .D75 1990
Drive to be the best.
TL154 .U65 1998
Unleashing creativity while getting the job done.
TL210 .E534 1993
Engine fundamentals.
TL210 .V15 1997
The V8 engine.
TL214.P6 D47 1989
Der Autoabgas Katalysator.
TL215 .A44 1992
American motor classics : Corvette, Mustang, Thunderbird.
TL215.B2528 .B69 1998
BMW : portrait of a business giant.
TL215 .F33 1992
Fabulous Fords of the 50's.
TL215.M8 C66 1991
The complete Mustang.
TL230.5 .T78 1995
Trucks : wheels of industry.
TL236 .A44 1996
American's fastest cars.
TL278.5 .Q75 1998
QS-9000 basics : what employees need to know.
TL296 .F674 1990
Forklift safety : operating safety.
TL296 .F675 1990
Forklift : inspecting for safety.
TL515 .D74 1995
Dreams of flight.
TL540.L5 L56 1990
Lindbergh's flight to Paris.
TL553.5 .H85
Human factors in aviation.
TL570 .E78 1993
Engineering technology : principles of flight.
TL659.H5 H56 1996
The Hindenburg.
TL685.7 .F86 1994
Fundamentals of aeronautics technology.
TL709 .J48 1999
Jet engines.
TL710 .E79 1993
Engineering technology : weight and balance of an aircraft.
TL711.S8 A37 1986
The airshow : aerobatic teams of the world.
TL712 .T54 1994
The theory of flight.
TL725 .F56
Fine timing.
TL725.3.T7 A384 1998
Air traffic control information systems.
TL726.7.H85 A478 1994
Air and light : dawn of a great airport.
TL726.7.H85 G37 1994
Gateway to the future : the vision takes shape.
TL726.7.H85 G37 1996
Gateway to the future : the vision takes shape.
TL726.7.H85 G37 1997
Gateway to the future : the vision takes shape.
TL726.7.H85 G372 1994
再創新里程 : 宏圖初展.
TL726.7.H85 G372 1996
再創新里程 : 宏圖初展.
TL726.7.H85 G372 1997
再創新里程 : 宏圖初展.
TL726.7.H85 H66 1996
Hong Kong's new airport at Chek Lap Kok.
TL726.7.H85 T87 1999
Turning vision into reality : the Hong Kong Airport core programme.
TL782.5 .S63 1994
Space exploration : the rockets.
TL789 .U34 1994
TL789 .U342 1996
UFO : the untold stories continued.
TL789 .W54 1996
Where are all the UFO's?
TL789.3 C437 1997
Chariots of the gods : the mysteries continue.
TL790 .U63 1997
Understanding space travel.
TL793 .F765 1989
From disaster to Discovery : the Challenger explosion and the rebirth of America's space shuttle.
TL795 .S633 1994
The space shuttle.
TL795.5 .S64 1996
The space shuttle.
TL795.7 .P53 1994
Planetary materials and resource utilization.
TL795.7 .S63 1999
Space colonies : living among the stars.
TL796 .S37 1997
Satellites : linking our world.
TL797 .O73 1997
Orbital outposts : from the original NASA archives.
TL798.T47 F67 1998
Forces and motion : dynamics of the tethered satellite.
TL798.3 .S25 1990
Sail on, Voyager.
TL799.J8 R62
The Rocky road to Jupiter.
TL799.M3 P38 1998
TL867 .A325 2001
Accidents in space.
TL867 .O63 1997
Orbital rescue : from original NASA archives.